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  1. try this one http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=19020
  2. Try this, its the easiest weave to do. online flytyer
  3. Heres some videos on how to use it. link
  4. Heres another by the same tyer. link And some of his patterns. link
  5. I found this site, lots of good closeup pics. Bugguide.net
  6. Found this one, dont know if you know it, but lots of good pics, looks like users post photos the take from all over, just type in the type of insect your looking for. Bugguide.net
  7. Thanks for the comments guys, and to Chris, I know your just starting out flytying, Ive only been doing it for just over a year, so dont worry you'll get better fast especially with the help you'll recieve on the forum, the fly took me around about 7 hours I'd say.
  8. Seeing as everyone seems to be doing stoneflies just now, heres my attempt.
  9. 2nd attempt, tied on a size 8, wings made from sellotape and supermarket till receipt.
  10. Thanks Thom, its my first attempt at an adult salmonfly/stonefly, the hook is a size 12 longshank lure.
  11. Had a go, still got epoxy eyes to put on it, could have done the wing better, but I only have green raffia just now.
  12. You should also try to get Steve Thorntons book Listen to the River, as it is similar to Pauls, with more patterns although I think it is now out of print, but it is also available on cd. It is called flytyers Masterclass 2 and is available from his website. The link below has the info. Thorntons Link
  13. I was a bit shocked when I opened the box, took me ages to untangle and sort them all out. How many? must be around a thousand, if not more. Heres the rest.
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