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  1. Kirk, that Squirrely does not work at all!
  2. I just love this pattern and has worked for me in the GL as a fishing fly, every time i tie it i just have to document the pattern. Some of Glasso's patterns were rather fishy and this could obviously be taken as an aelvin or small baitfish. Tenting the Teal to match markings on both sides...or trying ugh 1 2 3
  3. Looks fishy to me! Only critique is keep going less bulk in head, tie for certain situation, i would fishmthis very easily
  4. I would have copied what your dad got one on with the fly rod, but it is possible they were just not actively feeding and not in the mood? Kinda like these browns...
  5. Also you can use french metal tinsel which believe it or not adds a nice amount of weight to your pattern, like a lagartun flat metallic...assuming you are using a mylar which adds no weight.
  6. Yes veevus is nice! Think i shall make the switch for good. Couple more size 2 fishing flees.
  7. Good question, a pattern i am unfamiliar with so i had to google, but it seems the body hackle is around the length of the gape or less. I think Piker20 could help here, umm are you tying on singles or doubles out of interest?
  8. Yup it is a red heron variation, sparse. The wing is just tented bronze mallard. Might grab a pic of some dee's against a dark background sometime
  9. The only thing with Neer hair is that it is a floating material, no problem if you have dumb bell eyes on your fly but just keep that in mind.
  10. Just mucking around with some new hooks and veevus thread, loosely based on actual patterns. Fishing stuff.
  11. Interesting thread! Got me thinking i should learn a whip finish which i never have but like others my larger patterns usually get head cement, ccg hydro, then nail polish over. The teeny trout ones just a coat of head cement. Still never had an issue but it is interesting, i notice some threads half hitch better than others, the slippery gsp types seem to not hitch as well. I often use half hitches while tying a pattern to reverse the thread e.g tying the far side wing on a dee fly.
  12. Yep what Rocco said, make sure ends are flat, i superglue the eye on, then do 1 coat ccg hydro kind of on and around the eye, zap it, then another coat, zap it, then sally hansen. It seems to keep them on nicely.
  13. Lies! J u said you like Marmite best! We will kick you onto the island with all the sheep!
  14. It is a slippery slope and you will be addicted to it. I first caught steelhead in British Columbia, so just brought those techniques here and it works fine, sometimes better than eggs, sometimes it won't work at all but i enjoy it. You will figure out that these fish will also take traditional patterns, classic atlantic salmon flies, dees, speys with gusto which add another level to the experience - swinging patterns with over 100 years of history attached to them has some feeling or soul attached. I guess the only thing that would beat that is the dry fly. Skamania fish are a hoot, they really do a lot of jumping! We get them north in fall, this spring run is our very own strain of wild 'Ganaraska' which has naturalized here over the 100 year or so history of introduction. The fisheries biologist gave me some info i had no idea about as i thought the fish predominately fed on alewife and other baitfish, but they say in the lake now these fish will move in to prey on gobies which give 1.5 times the nutrition of an alewife plus they do not have to chase down or 'baitball' the alewife. Interesting tho, i just thought the bass were eating them.
  15. We can always count on ChefBen to stumble in through the door at last call slurring something about tweed
  16. Thats a good looking fish! I see you too are a GL swinger, i am just over on North Shore Lake O. We are predicting this run of fish till June, even have a few fish still coming in and a whole load of drop backs hungry coming down which is good news!
  17. That is the thing with a fly swinging on a tight line with no slack, steelhead can already take pretty hard but like this they can snap 12lb on the take, i try to keep a small loop or section of line in my hand that the fish can take as i prefer faster tapers in a rod (just personal preference). The small loop or section of line you can give, or try to. Often the fish comes up and turns very quickly. People here should give you some great tips for more moderate action rods in the steelhead variety or what you need for specific conditions as that can vary wildly from river to river, def sounds like you are needing a soft tip on the rod. For turning over heavy flies the wulff ambush is neat, def has the weight.
  18. I use a sh rod with a skagit set up, wulff ambush clear tip (just to get the fly down a bit) here only because the rivers are so pokey and small, then again an 11ft plus switch you get better mending and line control. The takes on the swing can be absolutely crazy at times even if u have to fish all day for just one hot fish. Had the luxury to get a birds eye view of some anglers swinging flies perched atop a bridge. I'd say you had an awesome day if u just got 1 fish but 2 is even better! And they fight so well!
  19. Not too sure but god damn, i need a tissue box for this film on now...holy deep 'a deliberate life'
  20. First one i had seen before, bit of an intro episode flymax blergh but now its all new
  21. Got your popcorn and score cards??? 10 mins....
  22. Ooo managed to check out some of what they are showing! Ready the popcorn as this looks very good for the critics. http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/press-releases/post/world-fishing-network-presents-fly-films
  23. Cheers for the heads up! *clears schedule*
  24. Okay, i was reading around and saw one of the wing formula's so just out of interest this is what they look like, btw i think married slips could look wonderful as a tail on say rabid dogs, the top slips matching the often darker back, and bottom slips being lighter, all sorts of tails could be done if using some striking patterned feathers. Not so sure it matters but it could go well with the artistic finishes and paint jobs you do.
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