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  1. Look same feathers Leon rosters .
  2. I am smart but you dont put 1 gift idea :hyst:
  3. 2-You may find this gift idea interesting, have a look at http://shop.siman.cz/index.html?pod=_giftc.htm
  4. Well the Christmas came i have 1 Gift Idea cant you put yours gift idea to . 1 - You may find this idea interesting, have a look at http://shop.siman.cz/index.html?pod=_czn_box120.htm
  5. Name Emerger Midge Thread 8/0 Black Hook size 18 (TMC 106TC) Body stripped peacock color Natural Head peacock Tail micro Zelon fibers color White
  6. Yes the abdomen is stripped peacock.
  7. My small midge :wallbash: for big trout .
  8. I just go try . I learn tying myself a long time ago and i cant tying salmon flies also just tying a lot . Give 1 year after that i go tell if they are hard to tying .
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