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  1. It is tied very similarly to this fly: http://whistlerflyfishing.blogspot.ca/2009/07/tying-intruder.html
  2. The pins are stainless steel. The hoop is looped onto the backing loop tied on the shank, so yes you can swap out hooks.
  3. Hook is looped onto 30lb backing. Thread is wrapped up shank and glued, then the backing is tied in from the tail to the eye of the hook, then the tag ends passed back through the eye, and wrapped back to the tail. The eyes are then tied in, followed by a coat of crazy glue.
  4. Green intruder style fly tied on a cotter pin.
  5. Green intruder style fly tied on a cotter pin.
  6. Tried tying my first epoxy fly using some materials I had around. The eyes are actually those little stick on plastic rhinestones with painted on pupils. Also tied a steelhead spey. Cant wait to test them out!
  7. Thanks for all the kind words. It's great to know I'm on the right track.
  8. Just started fly fishing / tying earlier this year. Here are a few flies that I've tied this year. Both fresh and saltwater patterns inspired by various books / websites. Any comments / suggestions welcome.
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