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  1. Frogg, Gues that explains that. I sure was scratching my head there for a while I agree at how well folks tie, wish I could too. Take Care.
  2. Well Frogg, By putting the link picture you gave side beside to the flies above, I say the end of the barb of the cicle hook in your link points up more. The bend in the hooks look the same to me in the photos. But, Fly Guy's flies do not look like the octopus hooks either from your link. Not to be cute, but his flies look much closer to the circle hook than the Octopus. Maybe because of manufacturing differences just like hook size?
  3. Chris, Looks like the hook point is toward the shank to me.. anymore and it they would be starting to point backwards. Nice flies anyway... want to tie some up just looking at them.
  4. Actually for me. I worry more about Copperheads. They make no noise and they blend into the ground almost perfectly. Cotton Mouths hang out around water, so I know to keep an eye out there. Copperheads are in the woods and even come into town, OBTW they like water too.
  5. Cotton Mouths are vile snakes. Yes they will come after you if they get mad and getting them mad doesn't take much. My hometown area, Ozark Arkansas, has plenty of those and other pit vipers too. Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. I always have my eyes peeled no matter if hunting, fishing or swimming.
  6. Have you tried 'hard as nails' nail polish?
  7. Your construction looks fine to me. However, I question your color combinations?
  8. What is that on top of the fly where the legs are tied in> Looks like a winner to me.
  9. BowFish


    Jimmy curious to why you used black for the belly instead of a lighter color?
  10. BowFish


    Nice Catfish.. I'm gonna have to tie me some Kermits.
  11. I had been searching the internet a while back for a pattern, not sure now which one it was. However, I came across this and it looked like it could be very productive. So I ordered up some sparkle leech dubbing in pumpkin, olive and black.. plus more silly legs etc.. came out pretty good. Can't wait until I'm back home in the Ozarks to try them out.
  12. Has anyone on here used this pattern? Looks like a very good pattern. I have tied some, but haven't fished them yet.. http://www.mcflyshop.com/articles/index.php?targetID=11
  13. Reading back over this old thread inspired me to tie some closures. 3 were made with polar fibre, the nearest one has polar fibre belly, but Pinfish 3D EP fiber for back. All have black chain bead eyes. I like the effect of the EP fibers.
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