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  1. I understand from reading a few different posts that there are a few different tiers out there that use scud or rounded hooks for most of there dries and nymphs. As I am relatively new to tying I am trying to figure what is the best option for hooks. Having the scud or rounded hook seems as a good idea because it allows for a bigger hook gap? I am wondering the pros and cons of using strictly rounded type hooks for my nymphs and dries. Thanks for the help Remps
  2. Thanks for all your responses. I have come to the conclusion that you can never have enough different dubbing. For now I will be ordering hares ear plus, whitlock slf and ice dub. I already have super fine. That will do me over for Now but I am sure down the road I will be ordering more. I am wondering on blending dubbing together say like an hares ear plus ice dub (I know I already have that but just curious) Thanks again!!
  3. If you were to choose two out of the three Antron, SLF and Ice, which would you choose. Looked at the SLF it seems like really good quallity stuff. Never used it but it looks similar to Antron or are they completely different?
  4. That's lots of help I am going to look at the SLF dubbing for sure. I am placing an order online so I am going to get the dubbing in dispensers so it gives me a variety of colors. Remps
  5. Thanks for the help Is there one that might get more use then the other? Pike
  6. Hi there I only been tying for a year or so and I mainly been tying dries. I am now looking to tie up some nymphs, and I am not to sure what is better to use on nymphs. Ice dub or Antron? My dubbing that I already have is super fine and Hairs ear plus dubbing (antron for sparkle.) The majority of fish I fish for are Bows, Brown, Bulls and Cuts. Thanks for any help you can give me Remp's
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