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  1. sorry to bug you but i've been trying to upload my video but every time i try putting the title the description the video then click upload it does nothing am i doing something wrong thanks in advance
  2. wbz

    The sandbugger

    The sandbugger My Movie the sand bugger.wmv
  3. wbz


    my first video My Movie the sand bugger.wmv
  4. Hook: #8 Thread: Black Tail: Orange hackle fibers Body: Flat gold tinsel Hackle: Orange barred saddle Wing: Two whole golden pheasant tippet feathers
  5. Hello Here's this one. The SUPER SLEUTH - GREEN (From M.M) Tail: golden pheasant crest Body: silver tinsel (MED) Rib: oval silver tinsel Throat: red hackle fibres Wing: wihte bucktail, chartreuse bucktail, krystal flash pearl, black bucktail
  6. Good thing I'll be ready, Thanks bluegill576 for keeping it going
  7. huh? Toilet, Fridge then she will definetely kick me to the curb. But it sounds like a good idea!
  8. HMMMMM!!!!!!! I wonder if this addiction can be a TAX deduction
  9. Welcome to our world bud!!!!! Will
  10. HEY HEY HEY!!!! You guys are making me feel guilty. If anything Im the victim here When I started tying I had my setup in the living room facing the family TV. enjoying life, But If it were up to me I'd still be enjoying life in the living room tying, watching the game while having a brewsky Thanks for all the great comnents. Will
  11. Thanks guys. I consider my self lucky I guess !
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