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  1. I can only say woow! its great tying there. Leif
  2. Wooow! I realy like this!...it have the shape and a great colouring!. its a new zealand pattern Leif
  3. Very nice tying Johan! Leif
  4. Here is a golden stone covered with Gold leaf sheet.. and a covered gold leaf sheet Ephemera Danica: Leif
  5. Thanks alot to you al! im happy you like the display=) Leif
  6. Hi al, Here is my new Ephemera Danica lifecycle.nr8 of 10 then im done =) close up on the Nymph Leif
  7. Andres my spanish friend,what can i say,its art of a very high level!!! like i said before,i love the way the head is bent and the feeling how the mantis look at me,so alive... Leif
  8. Thanks flytyer guy,stroli and Bill! Bill,Yes i know what you mean with the time:\ Let me know if we should update some pictures and flies.. Here is one more,Garden spider hook TMC 206BL #16 Leif
  9. Great scorpion rustyspinner!!foam is a very cool material to work with,i have Grahams foam scorpion standing here and look down on me Leif
  10. Hi,yes ofcource we fish some realistic,but not this kind of flies/spiders =) I sell some and swap some and some are standing here and looking at me,its fun to show them at shows and other events and some people walk true and jump away when they see the stuff at the table...last year a guy that was realy afraid of spiders did stand far away from my table,but after some time he stand and looked close to it,but still shaking and that was strong of him! Yes its astroturf i had to google it to see what you meant Leif
  11. Thanks al for the warm welcome! Jeanne:I have seen them in the nature,but i have tied them from pictures,the planing and thinking and some drawing did take some time.the tying did take couple of hours for this two... Leif
  12. Hi Ray, i have to say that Andres are totaly right im not a good photographer thats for sure.. Leif
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