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  1. Mine will be in the mail by Tuesday when I get back from New York. Doing Red Squrriel nymph. Using one I shot last fall..... squrriel not nymph
  2. On the way today, been gone for a week. Tied on vacation
  3. An Uncle Sam Clouser. Have not designed it yet but had an idea.
  4. Doing a gnat pattern, between a kitchen remodel and getting ready for graduation.
  5. I am in. 6 or 8 hard foam.
  6. Tying today, should be in mail Monday or Tuesday
  7. Hey, thanks for letting me sub in on the swap. Still looking at patterns but leaning toward a mini-Sneaky Duck. looking forward to seeing all the results.
  8. Got mine Friday and they look great. Extras will be great for reverse engineering.
  9. If you still have a spot, I'll bite and be in. Thanks. Anything orange.....due date?
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