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  1. Mine will be in the mail by Tuesday when I get back from New York. Doing Red Squrriel nymph. Using one I shot last fall..... squrriel not nymph
  2. On the way today, been gone for a week. Tied on vacation
  3. An Uncle Sam Clouser. Have not designed it yet but had an idea.
  4. Doing a gnat pattern, between a kitchen remodel and getting ready for graduation.
  5. I am in. 6 or 8 hard foam.
  6. Tying today, should be in mail Monday or Tuesday
  7. Hey, thanks for letting me sub in on the swap. Still looking at patterns but leaning toward a mini-Sneaky Duck. looking forward to seeing all the results.
  8. Got mine Friday and they look great. Extras will be great for reverse engineering.
  9. If you still have a spot, I'll bite and be in. Thanks. Anything orange.....due date?
  10. Go ahead and keep extras of mine for yourself or pass them to someone. I have more than enough here.
  11. Need Addy. Should be out by Tuesday
  12. Have not swapped in awhile. I'll be in with a deer hair damsel.
  13. http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011106180335 News article on new feather tread. Saddle hackles as hair style.
  14. I don't know how it would work and can't host yet but had an I idea. I have not seen this swap yet but might stretch our thinking. A recycled swap. Rules being nothing "virgin" .. no new feathers, dubbing, ect. Like beads for head from old toy, dubbing from stuff toy, wing material from ???????. everything on fly must have had a prior life. Thread and hook excluded. Any thoughts
  15. Using a plastic bottle for head cement. When I pull the stopper needle out the stuff just free oozes even with tip up. What is the cause?
  16. The Project Healing Waters is still looking for swappers
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