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  1. adkfan

    Fish Pictures

    Thanks! It’s the Seneca river. Monster Pike should be cruising in any day now
  2. Thanks! That is a Fred Divine standard trout with a Peerless 1.5 reel. Fish is a nine mile creek brown on a pheasant tail dead drifted during an afternoon bwo hatch
  3. I just took some medicine for my fever
  4. Maybe My timing will be good for the Hendricksons this year
  5. Lovely work mike Valla lists a great dubbing recipe in his Catskill Flies book for those having difficulty locating the real deal
  6. Phillips Usual... Cream and a few with hot orange base thread, good sulphur translucency
  7. Quill body March Brown Betters Ausable Wulff
  8. Lady Caroline. a little heavy on the hackle, I guess , but my brain was focused on my Bronze Mallard, it’s been a while
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