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  1. Phillips Usual... Cream and a few with hot orange base thread, good sulphur translucency
  2. Quill body March Brown Betters Ausable Wulff
  3. Lady Caroline. a little heavy on the hackle, I guess , but my brain was focused on my Bronze Mallard, it’s been a while
  4. The resolution of this may not help but here ya go. I have regular, midge and stainless. Stainless gets most use.
  5. Changing gears for a bit.., Glasso Orange Heron
  6. The tag and rib is shown counterwound in the dressing plate from The North Country Fly, by Smith but I wind it forward when there’s nothing to “bind” I also added a bit more taper to the lug to give me a bit more floatation in the surface film but haven’t a clue if it really makes a difference or just in my head. Lol
  7. Thanks so much! That is a Partridge Spider L3AS
  8. Just be careful going too small, you only have to experience shooting hooks and chipped jaws once to know...
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