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  1. What size of Steelies are you catching? I've never caught a Steelie with a pupa fly. Are you fishing it in the east? In a lake or river? How do you work this fly?
  2. I like the addition of the Peacock. Looks like a great fly.
  3. If you want to get technical rainbows, cutts, brookies, lake trout, blueback trout, bull trout, etc. are not actually trout. Just brownies. Brookies by far. Finding them is half the fun... You are super wrong here. Brookies, Lake, Sea, Bull are char. Rainbow and Cutties are trout. A Blueback is a Salmon whose proper name is Coho. And the Brown trout is a stand alone that is more closer related to the Atlantic Salmon. Before you wanna correct people make sure you're correct. I voted for Browns because I have had way more fun with them than I have Steelhead (which are Rainbows, not salmon). My largest Brown came from the Cowichan River and was around 13 lb if I did my math right.
  4. The pink ones are actually tails for Steelie Nightmares. The yellow and red one I call the Tylenol Pill Bug because it looks like a Tylenol pill. It probably has a better name but I don't know what most people call them. There is a yellow/white Clouser. A random brown ish bug that I tyed because I picked up some really fuzzy chenille and wanted to know what it looked like tied up. The purple one I expecially like. It's tied on a 1/0 Daichi salmon with 6/0 purple threadthe tail and outer body is purple Finn Racoon. The inner body is S.L.F. dubbing called Purple Haze. The pink and maroon shimmer in it realy sets it off. The 3 winglets are purple Lady Amherst. I tie alot of flies and don't take enough pics. I'd like to see what you guys tie just for the fun of it.
  5. I like your Muddlers. The Fox realy works well. :headbang:
  6. Your first one is a little more bulky than I tie for pinks but it looks great for Steelies. The other 2 are ones that I would tie myself. A simple bead head handle bar is one of the most efective flies for Pinks I have found. A size 8 or 10 Clouser in Pink/White and Green/White is also a easy and efective fly to tie. Keep tieing. Have Fun
  7. Thanks for that. That is one heck of a fly. I think I'll let my cousin buy it there.
  8. The Bass bugs for the snake heads sounds prety good. Thanks.
  9. The Ausable Wulff seemed prety strange to me too when I read that someone else on this site had used it there. I like your recomondations. All of them are about what I expected to be used there but it's always good to get a second or even a third opinion.
  10. Hi all. My cousin is taking a trip to Viet Nam soon and wants to fly fish the rivers and lakes. Could you please help me with some patterns. The only one I have found so far is the Ausable Wulff. What else you got? Anything would help. Thanks
  11. What part of BC you from? I'm down in PoCo.
  12. All flies are lures. Unless your using bait your using a lure.
  13. I don't have pics now but I'll try and get some up. My camera and I went for a swim in the Fraser River. My boxes have Steelie Nightmares, Golden Stones, G.P.s, assorted Clousers and a few Carcas flies for Steelhead. My river Salmon flies are alot more simple. Bead head rolled muddlers for Chinook. Olive crystal leech and Coho Crack for Coho. Chartruce Crystal bugger for Chum. Pink and green Neils and Handle bard for Pinks and somthing called a Red Rump for Sockeye.
  14. First I'd like to say congrats on the 6 year old thread. I'v never seen a forum topic go this long. Second I'd like to say hello to every one here. Now on with the bussines at hand. My vice is a uber cheap, craptacular Crystal River brand starter kit vise. But it works. I wish it had rotary but I manage without it. It will hold Hooks from 2/0 Salmon down to size 14 dry. It hase a turn down clasp which has a adjustable leaver (you take it out of one hole and put it in another). I did upgrade it a little by getting a pedistal base (highly recomended) that I love having. When I do upgade the vise I'm not sure what I'm gonna get. All I know is I want a rotary vice since I do alot of clousers and buggers. Thanks
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