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  1. Yup - this is the kind of thing I want to avoid. Thanks for relaying this story.
  2. lose the dogs. problem solved. Not helpful. The other replies are appreciated though - the magnet things are interesting.
  3. Hi all - first-time post here. Not exactly a weighty subject, but ... I've got two pugs. I didn't have dogs when I used to tie a lot back 8-10 years ago, but I'm getting my tying cranked up again now. My question is concerned with having two small dogs around the house who love to run their faces/noses along the floor to sniff/inspect anything they might find. My concern is that they'll find an errant fly or hook laying on the carpet, give it a few licks or sniffs, and then be badly hooked. Of course, de-barbed hooks would help, but at that point the damage might be done, and the last thing I want is to have them swallow a hook or fly. I thought I'd post this to see if anyone might be able to offer something on this that I perhaps haven't thought about. My only solution has been to do all my tying in a room that's permanently closed off to the dogs. Which is a bummer, because there's a space that I'd really like to set up my bench in, but it's out in an open area that would be impossible to block the dog's access. Any clever suggestions on this one? Cheers! Doug
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