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  1. It will be for roosterfish down on the Baja. I have a pretty good idea on the patterns to use, just having a hard time pulling up what materials are being used.
  2. Wanting to know if there is any good resources for patterns/recipes online or if there is a really good book out there. Any suggestions are appreciated, kind of a new realm for me.
  3. Just heard back from a guy at Kelly's shop, it is just goose biot, looked like there was more but I tied it up and its right on the money.
  4. I use a HMH Standard, I have had several since.......the HMH is my go to for everything though. It is simple, functional and bulletproof.
  5. Just wanting to find out what material is used on the body in order to get the segmented body like it has. Been trying to pull up a recipe with no luck, just hoping someone is familiar with this. I know peacock is used, I am mostly curious about how the ribbing is done and what is used to do it.
  6. Just wanted to give an update to help any others in the vise market and to all that lent their advice. I got my HMH standard about 3 months ago, upon getting it my first impression was that it was nice...... but $300 was a far stretch, it was nice.....but did not appear to be anything special. Well here is the part where I eat my words, adjustments are SOOOO simple, it holds hooks rock solid without question. I use the rotary function for all sorts of things, and bottom line not only has my tying been noticeably more productive, but my flies look much cleaner and refined. Bottom line this vise was worth every penny with out a doubt, thank you to everybody for the helpful advice that made this purchase a wise one and not a regret!!!
  7. Well it wasnt totally pointless......especially since the vast majority was in your favor Got one on order w/ the local fly shop :thumbsup:
  8. Appreciate it...... probably going with hmh then since my local shop can get them in, but I will check into the jvice some more as well.
  9. Yeah that just adds to the mess for me, I dont mind spending money on good equipment, but if I have to replace/repair that equipment I have a tendacy to get severely annoyed and it just makes it all the worse if you have to argue with people to get work done. I used to be a pretty brand loyal person, but now days you never know, companies change policies, owners and about what ever else comes along the way.
  10. I saw that pic too and that is what I was thinking, just wasnt sure.
  11. Well the rotary feature definetly seems like a novel idea, but how much I would actually use it....... really couldnt answer that. I do want something with some type of rotational feature whether it be true rotary or not, otherwise an upgrade would be totally pointless for me. The guy that has the shop here in town is great, all about simplicity, functional items........ lets just say that he is not much of a businessman cause he has upselling mixed up with downselling. He is very set in his ways so I can trust his advice, but can only take it so far. But anyhow he was suggesting a dyna king supreme or professional which is along the same lines as an hmh. With something like that I just wonder if it is worth the money over my fixed vise to have a couple additional features. Beyond the few mentioned I was also looking at the presentation 4000, I know its a totally different vise...... but how ever I go about this it is going to be a gamble.
  12. Do the standard jaws on the supreme/professional models have the deep grooves cut into the jaws like the kingfisher does?? If so can you get them w/ out??
  13. Sorry, I know this has been gone over time and time again......... the more research I do the more indecisive I seem to become. A lot of the threads on vises seem to be directed at larger fly patterns which makes it hard to weed through. Now I have a fairly open budget, I tie mostly trout flies but occasionally flies for steelhead. I have a shop in town and the owner has gone above and beyond with lots of stuff for me, but this is a small town so his inventory is rather limited. I have tried a barracuda (maybe I'm wrong but it seemed like a bit overkill for trout flies) and I have also messed around with a traveler, which no offense just did not seem like much for the $$$. This is a lifetime vise, I am willing to spend the money...... I just do not want to regret it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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