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  1. Nice flies Josh! Because they push water and yet still stay on top, I'm betting they'd fish really well!! Like you said, mice struggle and such. I'd fish 'em!! I bet they'd be a blast. Jeremy.
  2. Nice ties Scotfly..nothing much wrong with these! Jeremy.
  3. TroutBum...Thank you! That's on fine link! Jeremy.
  4. Chris, Very cool shots you took here. Hope you had a great trip....silly question I suppose! Love that Cicada picture. What a great shot. That camera will be doing wonders for you in the near future I"m sure. I just had a gab with Graham on Outdoors site. He has a REALLY great shot of a huge 'bow, caught on one of your rods...also in the picture. I have saved it as my desktop. Awesome photo!! I'll likely be talking with you sometime...rod talk etc. Welcome home, Jeremy.
  5. Wow Mark. A fine looking fly for sure!! Perfect proportions! Jeremy.
  6. Jamie, That's an excellent tie!! I've tried to do some Grey Ghosts and I'd sure like to know how you get that hackle to lay down on the hook shank that nicely. Mine always come up at about a 15-20 degree angle!! And I hate not being able to fix that. Good job indeed. Jeremy.
  7. Beings that I began my fly fishing trip on our Minnesota warmwater lakes, I initially got into my Regal vise. I still have it as it's used for larger flies, panfish sized (approx. #10, #12) all the way up to my pike and especially muskie flies..#4/0. It's great vise for that. I also do the trout thing and have a used Renzetti 4000 that I like a lot. Yep, you have it right, there's not THE perfect vise. It seems I have the most trouble with Clousers just because of the flipping around etc and I have found that the angle of the vise sometimes get in my way tying. You can't have everything I guess. That said, there is a vise that some would consider to be better suited for many tying applications and w/o trying one, just by looking, I'd maybe have to agree. Its the L.A.W. vise, made in England. But at approx. $800 or so (per the exchange rate) plus shipping it's a bit too far out for me. But, yes, I'd get one if I had the money. I spend a lot of time at the tying bench in the colder months. I'm very satisified with my tools. But.... Jeremy.
  8. Thanks Gregg. I'll look forward to getting to know this crew. Honestly, I'm amazed at the amount of info. I've uncovered here. Totally impressed! Man, I love this sport. Thank you again. Jeremy.
  9. Hi All, I'm "Jeremy" from Coon Rapids, MN. 55 yrs old. Been FF'ing for 6-7 seasons now and tying for 4-5 years. I fish trout in nearby Wisconsin and warmwater FF'fish our MN lakes and rivers. I love it all, from panfish on the light 1-3 wts to bass, pike and muskies on the 6-10 wts. I can't tell you enough! A recent interest in bamboo has me fairly broke at present! I'm considering building. We'll see. I'd love to. Looks like a REALLY nice forum you have here. I found it courtesy of Mer. Thanks mike! I hope to make some meaningful contributions to all here. This sport does it all for me! Jeremy.
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