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  1. Made a video on making a simple streamer a little bit ago. Nice little bait fish pattern that catches EVERYTHING
  2. Very impressive and well thought out. I would recommend taking it one step at a time. Over half that stuff you have listed I don't use or own and ive been doing this for almost 10 years now. Don't try to over burden your self with all of that equipment. Start with what you have or can afford and expand from there. Most of all, have fun with it.
  3. I would have to agree with Cheech. I have a Montana Mongoose and it is the best vise that I have ever used. I tried one of the regal vises in a competition once (I don't know what kind it was) and didn't like the fact that I couldn't use it with the ease of the rotary vise. I would recommend a Mongoose or other type of rotary vise.
  4. Check out Fly fishing the Ozarks on youtube. They have a video on tying Mike Schmidt's Double Deceiver.
  5. Well at least you got yours. I'm still waiting on my order of streamer hooks from the free hook sale. Hopefully It comes, but i'm not holding my breath.
  6. So my new goal for the summer before school is to get some carp on the fly. Just out of curiosity, what are some of your guy's favorite patterns carpin'?
  7. I would say try a white bellied mouse. You wont get a lot of bits but the ones you do will be monstrous.
  8. good place to go. Hope he doesn't run into any ice.
  9. Where is your friend heading? Just out of curiosity. And what are you planning on making him? Pike are my favorite fish on the fly. They are big, beautiful, and absolutly destroy flies. Normaly when i fish for them, i hardly ever use a weed guard. I feel that it just gets in the way; but if im fishing in thick weeds or lillies, then i always use 40Ib frog hair. It might be alittle stiff, but its been productive for me. I also prefer to use a single loop instead of doubles. its less work and when done properly, is just as efficient as the doubles. Hope he does well.
  10. prossessing for the last two weeks. order placed on march 26th and no email response
  11. Guys like this need to be locked up. It really ticks me off to find that people feel that they can come into a close knit group of people and exploit them for everything that they have. The flyfising community is one of the nicest and most helpful community that i have ever met, then pricks like this guy come in and only see $$$$ from the generosity of the whole. I have also lived with and grown up with veterans and have a very high respect for them. Our vets do so much for our country and some even give the ultimate sacrifice for us.To pose as one of these Honnorary citizens is completely unacceptable by anyone in my book. Guys that do these kinds of things need to have some sense knocked into them and they just need to go **** off.
  12. These are some of my pike and lake trout flies that include the fish skulls. Currently i am working on making a pattern for walleyes using the skulls which is essentualy a marabou leech with the skull added. You can add the skulls and helmets to almost any minnow pattern that you want. Hope this helps.
  13. thanks for the help. Some times i feel that the broader profile might work better than the slim clouser. I also needed a new idea for some streamers.
  14. seems like a good alternative to the conventional fly box.
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