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  1. awesome fly! looking forward to trying it in Michigan
  2. thanks for the input. I have seen the CDC stuff... it's okay, I'm not a huge fan of it. I'm looking for almost a gray material that is as soft as squirrel zonker strips that you can almost tie in like a parachute post? Once I find it I will post a picture. Any more input is greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok, So I have been working on an Iso emerger pattern for a while and was trying different things for the wing. Basically the pattern is tied like a hare's ear nymph, but the tail is kip fibers instead and the body is either grey or red. The question I have is for the wing: I want to use a fluffy material, and tie it in almost so it looks like a parachute post, but not as rigid. I was thinking possum, but does anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated, I'm looking forward to ideas. (Pictures are welcome)
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