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  1. I was born and raised in Billings Montana. We would go to Yellowstone all the time. Also the Yellowstoneriver gos right thought Billings. Where do thing I learn to fish and Fly fish. Yellowstone Park is some good fishing But theres better in Montana. And even in Wyoming.
  2. Two many to count. I have them all over in my tieing room, in my boat, in my tube, some in my truck and some in my fly vest. I dont want to be some where and not have my flys to attack that water that look to good to be true.
  3. Good luck and hope all is well.
  4. Ok what ever it is just kill it. These are scareing me.
  5. Hay we have Recluse over here in Utah. Them suckers will get that big. There a mean little thing. They ripp the hide off you. They will make you very sick if not dead. Next time just shoot it and and walk away.
  6. Looks just like mine. How you get in my house?
  7. Thankyou everyone. I think I am going to enjoy it here. There is alot of neat stuff in the fourm that just in the past couple of day I have learned alot.
  8. I tryed the rites too but it just didnt seem to work. But I didnt boil it at the same time. I think elk hair is more hollow then deer hair. I also was wondering if maybe I should try bleaching just the elk hair? What do you guys think? Thankyou for the info.
  9. Im a hunter and I have saved all my deer and elk hair for fly tyeing. I have been asking the ? for a while on other sites but knowone seems to know how to dye it. I have tryed the cloth dye and all it did was dye the hide, not the hair. I asked a hair dresser here in my town that dyes for a taxadery (sorry not the best speller) and she just uses hair dye just blond. But Im look to dye mine olive, gray, blue and some other colors. Can any one help me out? Thankyou for any info. :help:
  10. Hi Im flyfishing lady and im glad to be here. I have been tying flys for about 2 years. Im not the best tyer but I keep trying. I am all way looking to find new patterns and easy way to tye them. I love the outdoor and I cant seem to get enough fishing. hope to here some really good pattern and some good fishing story. :thumbsup:
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