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  1. I plan on trying my hand at artistic salmon flies and I would like to know how thick the wing strip should be from top to bottom. I married a couple of slips together and I got a wing that is about 3/4 of an inch from top to bottom. Is that going to be to big to tie on if so what is a good size to try.
  2. I am going to buy a new vise for tying this winter. A buddy of mine insists on getting a rotary vise. I think that is more for production fly tyers. Right now I have a no name vise that I got from a fly tying kit. I got the kit to give fly tying a try and I love it. I plan on using it alot and I don't mind spending a few bucks on one ($200-$400). Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I try and tie anything and everthing big or small if that helps. THANKS
  3. I am looking for a cape that will give me feathers for fishing. When I get to tying atlantic salmon flies for show I will get a top quality cape. For now flies 4 fishing is on the table
  4. I also don't tape or wax. Check my rod through out the day to see if it is coming apart or twisting.
  5. I bid on one on e bay and got it. It so far cost me $64.00. It was shipped on the 20th from Estonia. Wondering how long it is going to take.
  6. I am looking to buy a jungle cock cape. I am having a hard tome locating one. Does anyone know a good place to look.
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