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  1. Nice green fish on the 3wt! I have a 2wt that I go to everytime I can get near some fresh water. It is enjoyable to get ANY size fish on ultralight gear. Rock on!
  2. I am with 2b on tis one. I got my Danvise about 6 months ago. I just added the arm extension for 20 bucks. It really makes for a better vise. I tie a lot of bigger saltwater stuff so it makes things easier. Great deal for under a hundred bucks in my book!
  3. I read the other post about grab bag supplies and got one from Orvis with my last order. I got a lot of neat stuff and some wierd stuff too. There were some feahters and thread and chennile and some tiny pipe cleaner looking things. I decided to try a hopper fly. Hope the Panfish think it looks real enough!
  4. Funny you should ask. I was just looking at an attachment for my vise to do that. I have seen some pretty neat tube flies recently and think that is going to be my next step. By the way the blue one on top was very good to me I scored 3 nice slot size trout in the Indian River Lagoon and even went 2 for 3 on some small landlocked snook! I will be making a few more of these in the future.
  5. That is a heckova Drum! That Needlefish fly should do the job for the Macks. Take it offshore a bit and I am pretty sure it would slay some Dolphin and a Sailfish or two. Nice job!
  6. Alright here is my vote. Based on your needs a 13' Gheenoe would do. Car toppable,about 120 lbs. Unmatched stability. Can be paddled or goes like snot with a 9.9 on the back. Floats super skinny. I have the 15 foot version and love it. Used they are not too expensive either. Check out www.gheenoe.net www.customgheenoe.com
  7. I have not tried any night Bass fishing. I might have to after reading this. I get the dark color thing. I got a lot of tying supplies donated to me a while back and noticed several packages of the glow in the dark krystal flash in the mess of stuff I got. Are they a gimmick kind of thing or is this something that might work well at night for Bass?
  8. Thanks. It is cold here again so I hope it doesn't slow down too much. The last cold snap really shut things down. The water has been real clear and you could see the fish but they just layed around. I leaned the trick about using long shanked hooks awhile back. A friend wanted to go fishing for Spanish Macks and I got some wire leader, that was a pain. The extra shank lets me get most of the toothy ones at least near the Gheenoe! If you can fish near a bridge piling or concrete seawall the snook seem to liven up in thesee areas when it gets cool. The mass of the concrete keeps the surrounding water a bit warmer. Good luck!
  9. Nothing fancy here at all. These patterns and colors have been working real well for me in the Indian River Lagoon. They have worked on a lot of slot size speckled trout, Ladyfish, Jacks and some small bluefish. I love this time of year.
  10. The Bonefish Yums look like they would be great down here. I can see them working well in the surf. They look a lot like sand fleas, they should slay just about anything prowling the edge. What did you use for the body on them?
  11. There is not much they won't catch down here. Very nice!
  12. Green Hornet


    Before the cold snap and winds we have been having here along the Treasure Coast the trout bite was fantastic. Of course the season was closed here November and December, so the big ones were more than happy to take a fly you wanted a Red to take! The trout season opens here Saturday, so I probably won't have a nibble.The weather is getting warmer and the winds are dying down so I can get out again. The really cold temps make the trout head out to the deep channel of the ICW and hold so it can be a challenge to get anything interested in eating.
  13. I bet the Jacks will shred them! Good looking tubes!
  14. More great info for me there! Thanks. Yes I do believe I am using cotton...that will soon change. I see a trip to aquaint myself with the staff at JoAnn's!
  15. Hey John! I am here in PSL too! I went out Thursday in the Gheenoe in the IRL I saw no dead fish. I also did not catch anything. Saw a couple nice reds basking in nthe sun by the docks. None would commit to the cause though.
  16. Thanks for the advise perchjerker. I have to see if I can get some decent thread. I have been snagging it out of the wifes sewing kit. No big deal cuz she never uses it! I figured plain old thread would do as my flies are considered disposable. Thanks for the hair length tips and the crowded head stuff I will remember it when I sit down to tie. I think I am going to like it here!
  17. I am going to date myself here......way back before Nextel and computers we had CB radios in the cruisers. We wear dark green uniforms and I worked a lot out on I-95 fighting crime. My handle was Green Hornet, passing the time talking to truckers and my co-workers and I just kept it. When I bump into old friends they still call me that. In a crowded room one guy yelled out Green Hornet!, and I yelled back Mr. Potato Head! Everyone else thought we were nuts.
  18. WOW Mr Vegas, you are not kidding! Thanks for that insight Hairstaker. You nailed a couple of the problems I was facing with too many wraps and hook sizes. I did not want the things to come loose on the first cast so I prolly over did things in that respect. The hooks I bought in bulk. I have a lot of toothy critters here and figured that would work the best. So I can tie most fairly far back on the hook so I do not have to mess with wire leader. Your points are well taken and I think I am going to make a copy of it and keep it near the vise!
  19. Green Hornet


    I am new here. I prefer to fish saltwater. I also just tie simple patterns. They work well for me. Always interested in what others are doing. I am in South Florida where the Bluefish are small. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrw so I will probably go out and try to get a couple while they are here! When I signed up I wasn't sure there was a place to post. They tucked it away on the bottom of the page.
  20. Cool Beetle. That idea of using the broom bristles is outstanding! That is the kind of stuff I really appreciate. I have made a few spiders and dragonflies. The Bluegill love em.
  21. Good advice Mr Vegas! Thusfar my fly tying has been buy and fish with a store bought. If I like it I try to figure out the steps it took. Like reverse engineering it. I tried one today, a little minnow, and when I was almost done with the body and head, I realized I forgot to figure out the tail! I like your idea better....less headaches that way!
  22. Thanks! The instructions on the package had me tie the stuff on first then attach the foam and finish. I like your way and will try that next time.
  23. I tie as I need them. I have a bunch of store bought flies that I picked up over the summer when my local Walmart remodeled and decided to get out of the fly biz. I bought every fly they had at a price I coundn't refuse! Most are small dry flies, that may see some use to tease the local panfish population.The rest I am hanging onto til I can get further north and try to catch some trout. I was surprised and happy when they put out the Hoppers on the sale shelf! They are killer! I have a 100 of just those.
  24. I was going through the boxes of stuff that was given to me and came across some fluted foam heads. Off another forum a friend went duck hunting and gave me a bag of feathers. Here is what I came up with. When I was done my 10 year old son wanted to paint them for me. When he was finished he smiled and exclaimed they looked like Dragons!
  25. Being new here too I don't want to offend anyone. That being said, I started with a very plain cam stationary clamp vise that came with a kit. You can tie very nice flies with just that if you want. Just clamp it to the table and go. As I got more into it I made a tying station and sprung for a better vise. I wanted a rotary vise. I tie a few Clousers and it seems to work nice for me. I like inexpensive good stuff. I went with the Dan-vise. My opinion is it is well made and a good vise for under $100. It has a dvd to help you get it set up and I am happy. If you are doing it for a living there are better vises.
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