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  1. Has anyone tried day mousing around the Decker area this time of year? I've moused in MI at night but wondering if could even mouse in decker area or if I should throw hoppers instead?
  2. Well I found a simms dry creek chest pack and headwater full day pack combo for under $100 on ebay that I bought this afternoon. Then as I was placing an order on Cabelas for some essentials for the trip I decided to check out their packs and found their ridgeline 50L hiker on sale for $49.99 online only special!
  3. I will be traveling to CO in a few weeks, looking for a decent bag that I could use to do an over night hiking trip, or a day pack that I could use to haul waders, wading boots, flies, rods, camera, reels, some food, and maybe my hammock. Looking to stay under $100 if possible. My thought is to get a pack in the 30l-40l size so If I want I could use for a weekend hiking trip as well. Any thoughts would be great!
  4. I love fly fishing and will be moving in mid July to KS looking for any advice on water or fly shops close to central KS
  5. I'm sorry mike you have less then me and been a member longer so according to the Blane you wouldn't be a good candidate.
  6. I contacted Blane about receiving box 3... I guess I'm not a suitable candidate to receive a box because of my activity on this site isnt enough and becasue the box 1 I received was sent to another member who is now sitting in jail and somehow his ass losing the box is now my fault. I liked how this swap was going when it started but thats face it these boxes have LONG turn around now (I remember these boxes were being passed every 3 days max) and many of the members have forgot what this swap was all about. This swap was created for users to get new materials and share with others while passing along a hobby/sport we all love, not to be told you dont have enough post on the site you cant receive a box. Sorry this fourm had to turn out like this...
  7. I would like to volunteer after you receive box 3 Margaretann, If you need someone to send it on too.
  8. Hmmm, it appears that there used to be videos on the web but now they are gone. Taken down by the user. Interesting. Perhaps the originator decided not sure share the pattern after it went commercial? Regardless, looks like a fairly simple tie, and found this as the ingredients: http://www.midwesternflyfishing.com/flies/white-belly-mouse.html Been attempting a pattern similar to his mouse but could someone explain how to wrap the under body then the over body? Do you just wrap one on top of the other?
  9. I love that Idea, there are so many different clubs or new tyers that would use these "old" materials to further teach our hobby! One that note I would love to get in line as I know there is a list starting for many of these boxes.
  10. I love that Idea, there are so many different clubs or new tyers that would use these "old" materials to further teach our hobby!
  11. Yes, not true custom fit just custom stocking foot order and its $65 extra just looking for the shipping time. Here is the link from the simms site http://www.simmsfishing.com/site/custom_shop.html
  12. I tried on many waders and the ones I found I liked the best are the simms headwaters only issue is I need to get the custom booties and was wonder if anyone could tell me how long it normally takes from date of order to receiving the custom order? I have a float trip im taking the middle of june and wondering if I should expect them by then or not.
  13. Walked into my local fly shop today looking for a pair of breathable waders and now im faced with $150 DB barebones or $300 Simm headwaters. I tried both of them on and liked the fit of both of them, the issue im having is do I save $150 on the Db and hope they last or do I buy the simms? I've heard good and bad about both companies warranty. A little background is I fish 3-4 days/wk in the summer and just cant wear neoprene anymore in the summer heat. One large concern is fishing so much is they will wear quickly. Please any input would be great!
  14. Ran across this link the other day to make a cliff bug barn fly box and thought it would be something to pass along for many of you guys to try. I havent made one yet but hope to real soon. Please let me know if anyone tries to make one how it works! Here is the link: http://www.flycurious.com/budget-lifeinnovation/make-your-own-cliff-fly-box-from-bent-rod-media/
  15. I really enjoy my TFO I won last year at a fly fishing fundraiser not sure if they come in Kit combos but I'm sure a local fly shop could throw a decent package together for ya and the best part about the TFO line is they have a no questions asked lifetime warranty. But like many other things in life everyone will have their own options both positive and negative about certain rods/reels, so the best thing you can do is go to the local fly shops and test multiple rods and reel combos.
  16. Brad nothing is more rewarding then building your own station but like many have stated get a pre-built one then customize it for your needs/wants. When looking for plans for my own desk I came across a cool collection on the link below. The link is from Hatch magazine's show me your bench section. This should give you a few Ideas as to how some others organize or built their stations. When I was still living in the dorms as a student I had little space and desk space was very limited, So I built a cutting board bench which I was able to tie on and keep many of my tools and a few materials on then was able to pick it all up study then when I was done studying I could continue tying. One thing you learn is every tier likes "their" station set up different and even your thoughts for the perfect bench will transform. As for the storage questions the best way to store your flash/hackles is a small section of peg board mounted on the back of your desk that you can hang items from. Another option is plactic storage under the desk like seen in the #8 bench on the link. Feel free to ask any more questions. Was looking on this site and they also have a bench database here: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=special&page=GalleriesHome&GalleriesCat=Benches Show me your bench link: http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/category/articles/fly-tying-desks-tying-areas/ Cutting board bench: http://www.tvangler.com/2008/04/10/insane-tactics-building-a-fly-tying-station-on-a-budget/
  17. Dan I think that spliting the box up is a great idea! I have received a box a few months back and it was VERY large then cant imagine how big they are now. I would love to receive another one of the boxes soon if anyone is looking for someone to pass too. Is there only one being circulated now or are the 3 boxes still moving?
  18. I think maybe one of the best options would be to go see what brands this shop has in stock or are able to order for me. If they dont have a cheap pair that would fit my summer fishing needs, I could always use the $150 on reel and line and buy waders from another source.
  19. I recently was given a $150 gift card for a local fly shop and thinking about buying a pair breathable waders. I've heard they are subject to tears and was wondering if there are any decent breathables with a good warranty for under $200?
  20. I just went and picked up my new replacement rod at the local orvis shop this weekend. My silverlabel was replaced with a new access rod. Now if this MI snow ever disappears or temp increases I'll go try it out on these local steeies.
  21. I believe what markbob is talking about is to create a "sticky" to be posted at the top of the beginners section so other new members will be able to see the postings of others instead of all of us answering the same question weekly on how to start.
  22. My advise is contact local clubs that are fly tying charters of FFF. They are most often open to sharing the hobby and I know our club has all the tools and vises to use so you can see if its for you before you waste your money on either cheap crap which you will replace or real expensive and turn out its not for you. The clubs well be very helpful and members may even donate you materials to get started. They can also assist you in tying and nothing is better then learning with the veterans of the sport rather then solely through books. Many of the members maybe even have an old vise and extra tools around their tying table they will either let you have or sell for a cheap price. This is my .02 thinking about when I started out on a cheap budget. Below is the link to the FFF charter clubs. http://www.fedflyfishers.org/Default.aspx?tabid=4357
  23. Thanks for the replies and I will update you on the outcome of this when either my rod is repaired or I receive a new one. Hopefully sooner than later I got chrome to catch haha
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