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  1. I love your flies. I'm going to tie this soon :headbang:
  2. I think all flies should at least stand up to three decent size fish
  3. I don't know what's wrong I just need some help!!!!!!! :wallbash:
  4. I mostly use Mustdad but I use diffrent ones depending on the fly
  5. :bugeyes: I usually listen to smooth jazz Like Tom scott. Also I like Classic rock
  6. With my one year of tying I've got over 200 flys
  7. I apolgize about the last pole so here is a new one with your request choices. :wallbash:
  8. I'd rather give up tying because I can buy pretyed flys at almost every tackle store
  9. One of my favorite fly's is a nymph because they are easy to tie and you can fool around with the patterns
  10. I am 13 years old and I like to use the Regal because it is good for holding the hook in place before hand I used an olympic and had lots of trouble with it espically with the rotary arm. So I knew it was time to upgrade
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