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  1. Saw this post and I believe the fly in question is a Nori's Caddis Pupa. Its a popular pattern on my home waters. http://www.flyofthemonthclub.com/store/catalog.asp?item=684
  2. I did this in two back to back days....youd think one would learn...
  3. I did a lot of traveling around SEA and while I didnt make it to Vietnam it was an amazing experience. I didn't do any fly fishing as I was traveling for 9 months with a small back pack but explored the idea quite a bit. Read up on Snakeheads, a popular game fish which actually breathes hair and has a fancy towards top water presentations. Im thinking some giant bass bugs and poppers could be really successful.
  4. Took 3 flights to get there but I took the trip of a lifetime to fish at the top of the world on Victoria Island, Nunavut for fresh sea run char. Dying to get back there... I really hope to one day get the chance to fish the bottom of the world in Patagonia...
  5. Wabusk

    id help

    Its hard to tell from the pic but it certainly looks like a stone clinging mayfly nymph....probably a march brown (Stenoma Vicarium) This sample is much darker than the ones we have in Ontario and Its strange because I can only see a few legs...they should have three large strong legs on each side for clinging...
  6. Great stories so far... The Cream - I totally relate to the call of the unknown. It seems that just about every time I'm on the stream I end up walking much further chasing that...whats around the next bend curiosity. NJ All Day - Tying at 15 is awesome. I was 13 when I became engulfed by the sport and although my life has gone through countless unexpected changes I seem to always come back to tying. I have had periods of a year or two where I havent tied a single fly but then the year following Ill crank out thousands. Stick with it...this sport/hobby/lifestyle whatever is really something special.
  7. Everyone has those days...where we ask ourselves just what the hell we are doing getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning just to make it to the river and fish for hours without a tug, maybe a car door slams on a favourite fly rod or we even fall in the creek. We will risk frost bitten finger tips chasing winter steelhead and sun stoke stripping flies for bass in the summer but what always keeps me coming back is the memories ive gained from a few select outings where everything has seemed to come together. I invite you all to share a favourite fish story which explains why we all do what we do... Im sure like the rest of you, you have quite a few but for me one instance sticks out when I was fishing my favourite tailwater by myself on a warm June day. I had caught a few smaller browns while nymphing searching patterns but by mid morning fish were clearly rising to the caddis flies emerging from the waters surface. I began casting my Elk hair caddis to the various splashing rises throughout the pool when i noticed a snout penetrate the surface and engulf an unseen insect without so much as a dimple in the water. I positioned myself for what i believed to be a good sized brown and after a faulty start, I was able to drift my little dry over the fishes last seen rise and.....nothing. I began to blame myself for spooking the fish but after a minute or so the same tell tale snout rose a yard or so from the last rise. I drifted my elk hair perfectly over his location and again...nothing. A quick pattern change to a green klinkhammer with shaky hands took longer than expected but soon after I was false casting and was able to lay my fly down a few yards above the last rise. Just as I began to worry my fly was going to pick up some drag, like a scene out of "A River Runs Through It" that same snout like rise plucked my fly off the waters surface. Despite my heart beating in my throat I set the hook and connected with the fish and felt the weight of the fish head downstream. After a careful fight and some great runs from the fish I was able to slip my net around the fish and admire my prize...a beautiful 22inch Brown. Luckily, another angler saw what was happening and offered to snap a few quick photos for me before I released the fish back to its lair. While I had caught larger trout nymphing or streamer fishing this fish was my first 20 inch plus fish on a dry fly and the amount of effort and the reward that followed make it one of my best flyfishing memories.
  8. This is the first challenge I've entered and I must say there are some awesome patterns on here. I hope everyone enjoys my entry. The nymph can be tied in various colours and sizes to match the nymphs in any stream and is surprisingly easy to whip up in under 20 minutes with preparation and practice. The fly pictures is the golden stone version on a size 12 hook. I learned this fly from a great local angler quite a few years ago and although there are some differences I try to remain true to the original. Superbug Stone Hook: Swimming nymph or TMC 200R bent Eyes: Burnt Mono Tails and Antenae: Peccary guard hairs Abdomen and Thorax; buggy looking dubbing to match natural Shellback/wingcases: Wapsi Thin Skin mottled Rib: Gold Wire Legs: Superbug Yarn bent to shape with a hot needle
  9. i've been looking to get a complete set but amazon only has a few volumes. Does anyone know where I could find a full set that might deliver to Canada? I've seen the czech nymphing and sight fishing volumes and have to say they are very high quality. Id consider myself to be a pretty experienced tier despite putting the vice down for the last few years and picking it up again recently and find these videos offer a great perspective on tying as well as fishing his patterns on some beautiful stretches of water.
  10. http://www.umpqua.com/pc-445-13-telico.aspx This is the version we have in most of our flyshops here but as I said....I like the herl casing much better.
  11. Trout guy is right...dont use em.... We tie up a slight variation using peakcock herl as the wincase instead of guinea which I find commonly used. My Dad almost religiously fishes the thing during caddis hatches and really can clean up. I always go with a bead head for weight purposes but he swears by no bead and larger sizes 12-14. Pretty generic fly but it certainly works.
  12. A many thanks to all the replies, really all greatly appreciated. fairwxflyfish, I spent a few hours tying up some graphic pupa as I fell in love with it the moment I saw the fly. I decided to add some dark wing pads after looking at countless pics of the naturals this weekend. The first photo is a graphic pupa and the second an interesting pupa pattern I found which has a glo bug yarn "sheath" for translucency. I filled a few rows in my box with green, olive and amber patterns in size 14-16. I cant wait to try them out this spring. Graphic Pupa Other Pupa
  13. Im hoping to do some ice fishing for the first time this year and love the idea of tying my own flies for the whole thing. What kind of rig do you use to get the flies to the fish? Im assuming these are for smaller species like perch? Somehow ive lived in Canada my entire life and only now I think to try ice fishing....better late than never tho....
  14. What material do you use for the Tan flies in the center of the photo?
  15. Wow some great replies so far!!! flshawn - Im going to tie up some of those antron pupae. I have seen versions like this before but have yet to tie any up. The round like shape of the abdomen in lafontaines caddis pupa always looked sort of unatural to me but im going to give it a shot next year. Thanks for the advice. flyfishing99 - Love the soft hackle tie. Ill have to give it a shot. fairwxflyfish - Sorry bud. Im from the Toronto Area
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