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  1. Yes they are. Our local Fly Fish the World closed its doors late last year. Yeah we have an Orvis company store and the company lets us run the shop like a small flyshop just with only Orvis gear. But it is not the same. I work at the Orvis shop and when we got the call that FFTW was closing we all were saddened because of how often we would just stop off there after a day at work to pick up materials we needed or to just shoot the breeze and talk fishing with people who are into the sport for the same reasons we are. Some of the shop employees blamed our store but after talking to the owner of FFTW it was not us but he said he just could not take the losses anymore, it was fun at first and that made up for the fact they were not turning a profit but after a while he just could not shell out that much money to have the chance to get gear at wholesale prices. We have a Basspro opening up nearby and the local gear shop is going to move right across the street from them in order to compete and get a larger store since they need it.
  2. Any decent flyshop will have a few local tyers that might not tie all of their flys but will instead tie the local patterns that work. I know at my work we have 1 guy who ties our striper patterns and another guy who does smallmouth patterns. The stiper stuff is interesting to see how it sells. His flys cost 2X what the Asian flys cost but we don't sell many of the Asian flys since they are 1. inferior to the local flys 2. the display we have our local patterns on showcases fish that have been caught on the locally tied flys.
  3. That will find some smallies in the James
  4. I always keep pheasant tails( beadhead, unweighted and dumbell) haresears. Along with midges some small clousers buggers adams egg patterns in the winter
  5. It looks good. Personally I would use a more blond colored foam to imitate a softshelled crayfish though. My co-workers have been having a lot of luck with my crayfish that is softshelled body with hardshell colored claws. They say it is dynamite. But that is just a color variation that just might work.
  6. mb82

    What do you do?

    Yeh worst thing is I have to lie to customers and tell them I actually use the stuff we sell. I might try a few rods out but I don't think I will buy any. But the view out into the mall is nice
  7. mb82

    What do you do?

    Salesperson at the local Orvis store. Basicly I get to look at a bunch of flyfishing gear all day and hear about how good the fishing is but never get a chance to go fishing myself anymore.
  8. Sweet. I got to try that
  9. Very cool. I wish I could get back into photography.
  10. Yeh if that is not stable nothing will be.
  11. Pro. You can tie on almost any flat surface Con Not as stable.
  12. mb82


    Have they fixed the feeding problem with the E-99? I remember when it came out even with the special hopper you would break half the balls since they could not be force in fast enough.
  13. mb82


    Tippman 98 is the AK-47 of paintball. Cheap nearly unbreakable and fairly acurate out of the box. FlyTime You played for BadKarma? Wholy___________ You guys where my teams idols. I gave up the sport when little 12 year old punks were coming out playing with Angels beating up on me on saturday then on Monday would bring the gun in to have it fixed because they broke something again and mommy would just shell out the money for it and 10K balls. Basicly I saw where the sport was going and I didn't like it. But today I pulled my Spyder out and thought about filling the tanks up and getting a case of balls just to shoot again.
  14. I take my gear into the shower with me. For flys clousers in size 2 chartruse over white, orange over black are normally 2 good colors. A good site with lots of info on flyfishing the outer banks is http://oregoninlet.us/flyfishing/
  15. Very cool. Not sure if I will tie it since I just know I will hit myself in the back of the head with that fly knockmyself out and be found lieing facefirst in the water dead.
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