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  1. Plus its already the 21st in some parts of the world...and apparently they are doing just fine.
  2. flytire, these offers are so very generous of you! I keep missing them by a little though!
  3. www.flyonlyzone.blogspot.com thats mine, not too great but oh well!
  4. I'd say something like a Pheasant Tail Nymph or a Hare's Ear Nymph. Good luck! Post up some pictures!
  5. They'll eat the same as rainbows I believe, since they are pretty much (from my understanding) golden rainbows. I have caught them before, one was on an Al's Rat. Such a simple fly. You can make it as simple or complex as you want for going after trout.
  6. Lol sorry to jack the thread, but my goal is to be on this list someday! Just my little side comment...lol
  7. Yep, I did tie it! Pretty simple too! Thanks, Gaeron
  8. Darn! I was going to say that lol At least we found out how to stop it!!! It got on my nerves. As long as we're talking about blogs, I humbly submit mine: www.flyonlyzone.blogspot.com. It's no where near the "What a blog" reaction but, check it out! I for one, love flytires blog, and recommend it to anyone. Check it out, it's pretty awesome
  9. Hey everyone, here's a video I threw together showing how to tie my Action Caddis, along with how to perform a "Dubbing Whip." Thanks, Gaeron http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGeewYts9yY
  10. Really? I have one you can have also. Although, it's small, its a pretty sick Czech Nymph.
  11. Lol, Mark, my table may end up being your table...lol
  12. Mike, I'll try and arrange it so I'm there till say 12:45, but I don't know when and where I am assigned yet. Hope to see you all there!
  13. I'll be there just Saturday, company on Sunday. Make sure you guys say hey! I'll be one of the 3 (?) demonstrating kids at the show. -Gaeron Friedrichs
  14. Well, seeing as I'm only 14 years old, I have (I Hope you can fill in this blank) ___________ children.
  15. I too, received mine. I had not had the time to post that I did. Wonderful flies everyone!
  16. Maybe??? http://www.strippingguards.com/order.html
  17. Nice fish!!! What fly did you use to catch that behemoth? JW, but why is your line taught, and leading directly to the tail?
  18. Oh ok. I gotcha now. I watched those and I love those videos! I know a lot of the patterns already, but there are still some gems of knowledge in there! Thanks, Gaeron
  19. Sorry, I'm a little out of it today. But why not me? JW...lol. I'm so confused.
  20. I started when I was 13. So I've been tying for 2 years. About. The way I learned was first by doing the easiest flies possible using step by step pictures. Then I just watched hours and hours and hours of youtube fly tying videos. Then I picked flies that I wanted to tie and had supplies for and went for it. There is no wrong way to tie a fly. Just let her go for it!
  21. Crappppp!!! I was going through the massive piles of papers on my desk and whatta you know; A nice sheet of toe tags I'm so so so sorry!!!
  22. Oh, you have me down as my flies not sent. I thought I told you; They were out last week.
  23. Resell them. You don't need them, and you could make a couple bucks by reselling them.
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