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  1. its good to see another eastern Carolina guy, I live in Tyrrell County
  2. For myself there are several different reason, like most of you guys have said the escape from the everyday BS, getting to see nature in ways many people don’t get to see. Plus each day on the water is different the challenge what that fish want to eat that day, plus always trying to do better than my last time out.
  3. right about 2 yrs, i tie for bream an bass, so mostly foam bugs, poppers, wooly buggers, and clouser minnows
  4. that wooly bugger looks pretty good, it looks better then some of my first an what i turn out now. an i am sure you can some bass to eat it.
  5. Thank guys, and the real kick is they were caught on some ofmy first fly that I have tied so I am truly addicted to fly tying now.
  6. here is a couple of bass i caught in a farm pound on a bucktail streamer
  7. With spring just around the corner I would like to see some of you alls favorite patterns for the spring
  8. thank guys any other tips an advise will be greatly helpful
  9. Hey folks I am new to fly tying just wondering if some of you have any good tips that you would like to share. And some good pattern for Bluegill will be helpful also. Thanks, Casper
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