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  1. I am a geologist, not a biologist, but be sure to collect where permissible. State and fededal parks often say no collecting without proper permits. Some insects are endangered but really should not be a problem for you. Just wanted to pass this along. I have long wanted to do the same as you, and i may yet do it.
  2. Are your portables still for sale?
  3. Thanks to everyone for the recommedations. Much appreciated!
  4. Rick, is there a way to preview your latest book (like amazon as an example)? It sure looks like what I am looking for. Thanks for the post.
  5. Rick, is there a way to preview your latest book (like amazon as an example)? It sure looks like what I am looking for. Thanks for the post.
  6. Thanks for the idea. I will have to look into this as well.
  7. Thanks for the title and recommendation. A quick look on the internet indicates this is a great book for my reference. Thanks!
  8. Sawcat, that book has wonderful photos! I am adding it to my library list as well. Thanks!
  9. Orange, I was FINALLY able to display what I hoped for in Amazon, and I do believe that book you suggested is great for my needs. Showed a BWO Spinner on one page and some flies on the opposite. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! I have wondered about the Hatch Guide for NE Streams, but I can't view what I wish to see under amazon.com. I may order it anyway. Thanks!
  11. I am wanting to find a book or guide that shows an actual mayfly picture (or other insect), with a corresponding picture of a suggested fly. Possibly a book that has an actual insect on one page and a fly(s) on an opposite page, etc. I would welcome any comments or ideas. Thanks. -George
  12. DrVette, I am not 100% sure about ANYTHING, and it certainly sounds like you have the insights into Dr. Drums. After what you have said, I will go along with you. You have done quite well yourself from what you say. Bio AND chem, on top of the music... you got very little sleep many nights. I was EE and Geology, and that was tough enough for me. I also quit playing for various reasons about 15 years ago, but hearing Rush for a brief instant always brings a smile to my face. Brings back memories. And it is good to hear that we forum members share many common threads. Are you 100% sure that he wasn't awarded a PhD? When i was in USC I was talked into taking a music minor based on that. A prof gave me a copy of a book Neil had written on development of syncopation that was supposed to have actually been his dissertation (actually submitted to his former music/arts school in Canada on his behalf), for which he was granted a Doctorate in the mid 80s. I don't really know if that was an honorarium or general but i could have sworn we looked it up in an encyclopedia type book set that listed holders of graduate degrees. I looked up almost every other person i could imagine in there. I can't remember if any-thing was said about it at the drum clinic i attended in Denver that he was teaching and giving demos at??? :dunno: If he didn't, i got taken pretty hard on that (3years of carrying a minor while pulling a dbl major in bio/chem :ripped: ). I also have several other books he wrote on percussion around here some-where...I need to dig them up and see what they list under his accomplishments??? I even have several sheet music layouts of his earlier songs...those will drive you into the ground trying to play. Unfortunately i gave up playing 15+years ago. I doubt i could pull off his beginer methods now.
  13. Neil Peart is absolutely the greatest percussionist of all time. He actually doesn't have a PhD (long-time rumor), but he should! Been a fan since the late 70s and while I don't listen that much anymore, there will never be a replacement for Neil.
  14. Esutton


    Just curious... what type of kit were you given? I would be interested in something like that myself. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for making the tying classes possible and available. I hope to log on in the near future, as a real beginner tyer. Thanks also to all the experienced tyers who may decide to host a tying class. We need your experience!
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