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  1. Hey Fellow Madisonians, I tie on a 4000 that I bought used on Flyanglersonline a few years ago. It must be 15 years old and ties better than any other vise I've bought new. I will never buy another brand. Oh yeah, and Todd who works at Orvis is one of the most knowledgeable fishermen in our area. Sorry you had bad luck with some kid. I recently stopped checking Fontana for tying materials because they never have what I need.
  2. I have been using a griffin ceramic bobbin for the the last 2 years, and just bought a ruby tip renzetti bobbin. This thing is by far the best bobbin I have used. You can get them for around $16 - $18. Ruby tips last 5 times longer than ceramic. Dan
  3. Beadchain Bugger Beadhead Bugger Marabou Bugger Conehead Marabou Bugger
  4. I was in the same place as you, all pumped to tie these. I tried it earlier this winter. I finally got the hang of it after about 5 flies. Then, I decided it wasn't worth the time and the pain in my a$$. :baby:
  5. There's a ton of them here: http://kwsu.org/Offers/OMNFlyTying.aspx
  6. I'm looking to get a good deal on tungsten beads. Where do you find the best deal? For regualr flytying beads, I recomend fishwest.com 500 for $25
  7. I like that classic trout website. Great stuff there. Thanks I guess I'm also looking for some soft-hackle patterns/sites as well. stuff like this: flymphs too! =)
  8. This year I have just started getting into tying wet flies. However, it seems there aren't many good resources on the web on this. I hear it's a very productive form of fishing. However, most people are just into fishing dries, second nymphs. Can some of you reccomend some good sites out there for tying and fishing wet flies?
  9. That's pretty sweet, but I still think I want the A.K. Best vise a little more.
  10. THESE ARE EXCELLENT! Thank you very much everyone. There are several here that should be able to get me through it. Whenever I get the time, I'll post a woven polish nymph to show my appreciation. Dan
  11. I'm an experienced tyer, so I'm always looking for something new. So, one of the things I haven't tackled is tying woven flies. I would love to tie some woven polish nymphs, but I just cannot figure it out from the tutorials I've seen. Can anyone shed some light on this topic? Thanks, Dan
  12. Flytier's Benchside Reference Trout Flies by Hughes I know, I'm spoiled
  13. I have FLY TIER but have been wondering if I spelled it wrong. I see it both ways.
  14. Holy Crap! This is easily the best trout fishing website out there. Congrats, you should be proud. Heck, I'm proud knowing it was a fellow Wisconsinite that made it!
  15. And you are going to do this on the Dan-Vise?
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