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  1. Got mine today. Impressive flies, thanks for hosting )
  2. I'm really sorry guys... I have had them done but with work and school I never get to the post office. No excuses, they are mailed, I sent the Swapmeister the tracking number. So so sorry guys.
  3. Deeply sorry for the lack of communication, college is a ball buster. I spent a few days trying to do the dahlberg divers, and realized that might've been a great mistake, they never did come out quite right after that. Something I'll work on. I did get some pike flies a friend of mine showed me. Had those tied up a few days ago, but they've been sitting on my desk since.. Not in the mail like they were supposed to be. They will be in the mail today, fastest shipping I can afford. Truly sorry, hope you like the outcome though
  4. I can change my TBD to a krystal flash caddis, have em done in a jiff! SM, PM me the address these are going to
  5. last ones I tied were green, black and red, I'm a big fan of googly eyes with these ones This fly is so time consuming, so thanks for only having 6 spots
  6. I've got the perfect fly... I'm starting Pike fishing this year, so there's no way I can not take part. I'll be in with a dahlberg diver if you'll have me :headbang:
  7. I'm in.. I think I'm in too many =P gives me something to do! I'll do some sort of stone fly.. Probably double beaded stone
  8. Hey, I've been on this site a ton of times, and never was able to get into a swap cause they fill up so fast... I'm in if you'll have me :thumbup:
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