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  1. Turck's Tarantula ! Can't go fishing without at least one in the fly box.
  2. Nice flies! I did a smaller version on a size 4 nymph sproat hook (2XL). One of my favorite pattern to tie and fish! The furled tail isn't difficult to tie and it swims nicely in the water.
  3. Thanks Mike. Yes they ride and land hook pointing up. I have fished another version made with rabbit strip and they land correctly! I use Gamakatsu offset shank worm hook (# 07109). The main section of the shank is straight compare to other offset shank worm hook so you have plenty of space to tie the fly on.
  4. Not articulated rabbit strip and Senyo's laser dub head. I really like the way that Senyo's laser dubbing works for head.
  5. I have read that one can make weedless top water flies with these articulated shanks. Does the fly land with the hook pointing up simply by reversing the tail hook? I don't really understand why it will be without any further modifications... Great flies by the way! It's exactly what the bass need around here.
  6. Nice flie. I really like the squirrel hair style. Are squirrel hairs as buoyant as other type of hair, say deer hair or elk hair? Nice jaws too! Is it damascus steel?
  7. Thanks Rich for the idea. I modified my bobbin today using your method and it works great! I just did my first dubbing loop ever (I am new to fly tying) and I am very pleased with the result.
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