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  1. ov10fac, the hook used in the shad came with one of those wapsi kits, believe it is the size 2 saltwater body
  2. I have had some success using a pin vise to hand drill a hole but am usually satisfied with tying right on the hook shank.
  3. great job! classic; know the fish will love em!!
  4. I use a ruler (cork back is best, doesn't slip) and exacto knife on a teflon cutting board. also have a beaver-tail shape cutter and stealth bomber cutter
  5. As a very general rule if I want to imitate a small minnow i use something that will undulate for the tail usually marabou or rabbit, if i want it more buggy I will use calf tail or hackle also I use rubber legs on the buggy one. of course there are no rules. so mix it up, Add some flashabou or some crystal flash the bream aren't that picky seems to me they have more issues with the color and size I choose rather than than the materials
  6. Those look great you must have had some airbrush experience in the past!!! I like the createx paints too, but may have to try the "Golden" when I restock.
  7. mustad 33903, the kink is good for positioning the eyes
  8. HI Blake, welcome I have learned a lot from this site; some great folks on here!
  9. no, but I like the way it can be adjusted to any position. I will consider if my current light dies
  10. Merry Christmas to all my fellow tiers!
  11. wow Serg! how long to make this beauty!!??
  12. nice bit of woodwork, the clean cuts and design is impressive!
  13. you might want to check out rodbuildingforum.com also there is a link on the links section on the homepage of this site; its like everything you want to know about rod building!
  14. fshrmanms


    I was so sad losing three of our four dogs over about 3 months two in one day is heart breaking! sorry for your loss MIke!
  15. I use them but not exclusively. I haven't seen a reasonable substitute for the 33903 or the 3366 which I use frequently.
  16. congrats on catching the gills! those are some great gillin colors keep up the good work.
  17. welcome aboard. Sounds like a great uncle!
  18. I bought my cork from http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/bug-popper-bodies/665105.aspx. 25 corks for <$2. The popping bugs in the pic are made using Janns cork. I cut a small slit lengthwise in the bottom of the cork using a scroll saw blade, I use a mustad 33903 kink shank hook lay a thread base on the hook coat with super glue and insert in the slit. when dry I fill the slit with wood filler and sand it smooth when it's dried..
  19. I have used Phasianus Colchicus (common pheasant hen) on soft hackle flies, nymphs... etc.
  20. WOW!! so real great job Serg!
  21. I toss my wallet, camera, phone and key fob into a dry bag, which is vinyl and seals water tight. Also there is enough air in the bag that it will float all those items. I fell out of the boat in Feb. (brrrr) only casualty was the IPOD.
  22. I use goose and turkey feathers, deer, rabbit, and squirrel hair. I find these and more in the woods usually suffering from acute lead poisoning there are several threads on this site describing what to do next. I find foam at the walmart. I turn cedar wood I found to make popper bodies by shaping it in my lathe. Oh also there is road kill to consider. be careful not to pick up any illegal feathers such as the ones from songbirds etc. .
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