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  1. I am a lefty also, and I go over the hook when I am wrapping away from me and towards me when I am going under the hook. I don't know if that is the technically correct technique or not, but it feels comfortable to me and lets me tie some pretty good looking flies.
  2. Just paging through this thread is awesome. Some great looking flies! I was inspired to finally sit down at the vice for the first time in nearly a year to start brushing off the cobwebs; definitely a little rusty. Came out with a nymph that I like and hope to post some pics soonish...at least I still remember the whip finish!
  3. I used to follow these forums very closely but had to take a hiatus from flyfishing and tying for about a year to get set in a new career. But now I am relatively set and am itching to get back into tying and fishing! I'm looking forward to seeing all the new patterns and advice! It's about time I get back onto the beautiful AK streams!
  4. I read that this would be a good fly to use on the monster Kings up here in AK.
  5. Right on. Yeah I am not quite talented enough yet to make flies good enough to frame. Maybe I just havent found a pattern that really intrigues me enough to have framed yet...
  6. Well I am sitting here at my bench tying a few gifts for my family. After tying what seems to be 23536363 of the same pattern this session I figured I would get on here and see how many of you are tying anything as a Christmas gift? Right now I am tying a bunch of my variation of the Purple Death for the King Salmon fisherman of the family with a lot of Elk Hair Caddis next on the list. What are you all tying? Have a Merry Christmas all!
  7. That looks great! I cant wait until I move somewhere that I have room for a room like this.
  8. Yeah I would definitely go with a Wooley Bugger or Egg Sucking Leech. Those were my first patterns as well. I can tie quite a few more patterns now, but if nothing else is working I always tie one of those things on an something good usually happens.
  9. When I was out buying some stuff last night it called for Mohair. When I found it I also saw the leech yarn next to it. It looked nearly the same, I bought the mohair but got curious as to if it was basically the same thing or if there was a big difference that I dont know?
  10. Doesnt really have anything to do with the topic, but I love your avatar bentflyrod!
  11. Those are some beautiful flies OLB. This may very well become my favorite part of the forum, salmon all the way!! Maybe when I get some more stuff tied up Ill start posting some of them here and only hope to come close to what you all can do. =)
  12. Not loading for me bud. :dunno:
  13. I try to be on there pretty regularly. Although I am pretty new to flytying as well...I think people used to set up regular times in there, Im not sure if they still do though.
  14. Thisis one of those times I wish I lived in Michigan, but then I remember I live in Alaska, so I guess I can deal!
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