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  1. Aw John, you got nothin' on me. I look at a fly. I tie the fly. I look at the new fly.. and say, "Wow, I invented a new fly!" :hyst: On the other hand, think your's will work. :headbang:
  2. Giller - repeat after me."There are *no* 'gills in Iowa! - there are..." :j_k: Actually there are two.. and I educated both of them.. :hyst: Welcome to the site..g
  3. Hi Chris, really enjoyed meeting you. Me teaching someone to tie flys is a little like someone teaching you to crochet with a jack hammer. :hyst: On the Club Sandwich or other foams that are "tied" sometimes I keep a few sheets of the 'sticky back' foam around (costs like 15 cents more a sheet ). Then, when I get the thread around them they hold together fine. When making eyes or bodies like the Tokyo Spider I showed you, I use a drop of Super Glue. Just received a Stealth Bomber "Full Pimp" from Kent Edmonds in exchange for my picture (actually the *fish's* picture.) Too cool! :headbang: Makes mine look a little crude. :whistle: Have fun..
  4. Congrats Chris - Go for it! :headbang: Oh, but you don't have any foam - you can't tie flies without foam - and you don't have any grizzly hackle - you can't tie flies without grizzly hackle - and you don't have... :hyst: They're right - it just gets worse.
  5. Chris - when you get to Odessa you're in my back yard. Give me a call. I'll show you all I know about fly tying. I know even more about tying flies than I know about women. It'll take about 3 minutes. :hyst:
  6. Chris - Chickens and gamebirds are basically not a problem. I've never run into a "bug" problem but you can seal them up with mothballs or a piece of flea collar. No songbird or raptor feathers. Illegal to have them in your possession.
  7. Welcome Colbyjack - glad to see you made it. Now, take few deep breaths- and *read*..
  8. :yahoo: Pastor Bill - I could kiss you (I won't). Last year I had one popper that would often light on it's back - then slowly roll over. As you said, it drove the 'gills *bonkers*. I never could figure out why it did it. :wallbash: I'll bet the legs are shorter on one side. Bet I know for sure before the day's over. thnx..gm
  9. Well - I don't know what to say except *I'm Jealous*. The best of luck and I'll be looking forward to those reports. Get 'em! :headbang:
  10. Whew - looks like you folks had your hands full up there FlyGuy. See you had a fatality in the area. Whole thing went just north of us then dropped east - so - We had it all around us but it missed. Hope everyone's well. takecare..g
  11. Have Fly Rod - Will Travel.
  12. Didn't want to pirate Iowa FF's thread but noticed you are going after big blues in May. This post won't probably be much help but I'm really interested in what you're doing. I've fished for blues but never with a fly rod. Just had a conversation with several catfish guides from all over the U.S.. The conversation turned to times when the blues were feeding in the upper few feet of the water column. I asked if they knew anyone who had tried a flyrod on them. They didn't. All that said.. a friend and I have been spending a little time targeting channel cats the last couple of years. We have a couple dozen to our credit - my largest a little over 8 - his 15. By far the biggest percentage of fish we have caught (accidentally and on purpose) have come on "black and wiggly" - Bunny Leeches - black Woolly Buggers - etc. These guides told me that when the blues are "up" they are usually feeding on shad - so I'd guess white would certainly be a favored color. I'd be really interested in anyones experience in targeting catfish on the fly rod. Good Luck - keep us posted.
  13. Welcome Iowa - from Iowa.. Some great stuff here. Enjoy.
  14. I just wander up a down the yarn aisles repeating. "I tie flies - I tie flies." The little blue-haired ladies still look at me funny - but I feel better about the whole thing. :hyst:
  15. Great fly Jeff and almost indestructible. I tie it on a Gamakatsu SC 15 in 1 or 2/0. I tie a 4" Flashabou and Crystal Flash tail. A quick jerk on the rod tip creates a "bloop" I haven't been able to duplicate with anything else. Took my pb largemouth this year on one. 23 1/4"x 17 1/2". A fun "fly" to fish. Nice tie. :headbang:
  16. Well, hullo Tom. Shoot, I could just about throw a rock and hit you from here. I've only been at this a couple years and I'm pretty much a warm water guy. Got all the pieces for my first rod lying in the basement. Maybe I'll see you on the water. Welcome.
  17. When your daughter gets you a box of fake fingernails and four colors of metallic fingernail polish for Christmas? :yahoo: 'Course, then she goes and tells everyone she knows what she got you - with no explanation. :devil:
  18. Very nice.. BG :headbang: Ol' Bud is going to be tickled pink.. :yahoo:
  19. Sean, Go For It! :headbang: Probably everyone has seen the footage of those Great Whites hitting the "surfboard" seals. I say "refuge or no refuge" I'd have to put a hook on one of them. Talk about the ultimate topwater strike. :bugeyes:
  20. Ralph.. It does work. I tied up a couple of baits for my son a few years ago. He had a ball catching gar. They'll even do the Tarpon Tail Walk occasionally. The *best* thing was many of them 'came loose' right at the bank. *Not* handling gar is the best way I've found to *not* get hurt. My hands always end up looking like I've been sacking cats.
  21. Yeah _ I'd send it to *me*. After all, we're *like* brothers. :baby: Very nice. Here I thought "Carver" was your name.
  22. C'mon, like the man says, "If bluegill weighed five pounds no one would fish for anything else." :headbang: Catfish and carp make you think you have fish on.
  23. HideHunter

    Top 10 Ways

    Mark off things on the "To Do" list.. Just don't do them.. :hyst: Took my wife 4 days to figure that one out-- the *first* time. uh oh.. :help:
  24. This a Dobson Fly? I've filleted fish smaller than him. :bugeyes: He was about 5 inches from stem to stern.
  25. I've got three of the things and my only reel (sic) complaint has been that the spool has got enough slop between it and the housing that the line gets behind it occasionally. During the time I was fighting him, I was sweatin' bullets over that a little. Let's face it though - not a situation I will probably be in too often (unless I'm lucky)
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