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  1. I started using a 12 guage when I was 7 (one foot back to keep my from flying) first time I tried it I ended up on my a$$ 10' behind where I was first standing, trick is to keep that butt TIGHT against your shoulder, as if you are almost pulling the gun back against you. by the time I was 13 I was out behind my grandfathers house out on a country road shooting pop cans off his fence with slugs and buckshot. I noticed you wrote that you "don't think" you can handle a 12 guage, find someone who will let you try theirs and I think you'll find it's not so bad. stick with a single shot or a over under. best gun I've ever fired was a custom Browning Citori over under with choke on the bottom barrel, but that was a gun setup just for trap and skeet, and a little pricey $1200 cdn.
  2. LOL, I can just picture that!!!
  3. I like Basspro and Cabelas, but shipping to canada is RIDICULOUS !!! ends up costing me double for small cheap stuff.
  4. I change sh#tty diapers and fill sippy cups while my wife works, It's ok, I don't make any money and have to beg for an allowance but get to play on the internet most of the day. TV is out of the question, if I change it from the kiddy cartoon channel I get a sippy cup right between the eyes. that's pretty cool how you get to work outside and collect worms to sell, I still fish bait time to time , trying to catch carp, so my bait is sweating in the kitchen with some wierd mixture in a mixing bowl and a pot of boiling water with a french fry basket (making boilies).
  5. said it before, and I'll say it again, SMALLMOUTH BASS :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  6. that's some hot weather !! take care of yourself over there, you're going to have alot of fishing to do when you get back.
  7. I got my wife to put the best ringtone ever on her cellphone "smoke on the water !!" Deep Purple. I'll never get tired of hearing that one !! the WORST ringtone ever ??? "humps" by black eyed peas. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  8. chrislorne

    Member map

    and some of us are above the great lakes
  9. chrislorne

    Furled Leaders

    thanks for the tip so far it's been .008 mono, I made one with .009, think I'll have to save that for shark fishing or something that Uni is great stuff, I've used the 6/0 chartreuse and fire orange.
  10. chrislorne

    Furled Leaders

    I might make a whole bunch and use Sudbury as my market when I go on visits. I have a particular shop there in mind which I go to every visit there.
  11. chrislorne

    Furled Leaders

    was in that "local" shop. very nice !! I seen your leaders and they look awesome. I make my own as well but would not dare compete with you for business I may buy one of your leaders sometime soon, I can't seem to find 2lbs flourocarbon I want to make one of my leaders, I can't even find less than 4lbs mono nevermind. so I've been using UNI and find that if you make the 2 sections with different colour thread you can get some really groovy looking leaders :devil: I use regular knotless tapered leaders NO MORE, not after having tried furled, they just can't be beat!!
  12. I use single treble hooks for some of my flies, that popper looks great, but like someone else said, could be an issue getting tangled in a cast, I had a nightmare of a time with any popper/rapala lure when I was a spin fisher, with the front treble getting caught on the line, but maybe it was just me and my lack of good casting they all look great however, but I really like those pike flies most of all !!!
  13. I'm going to have to agree with everyone who said an adams, lot's of time I don't see any bugs about or just plain don't feel like finding what's hatching I just tie on an adams, and well, if the fish are there and my presentation is right , I catch them.
  14. I found using a "thompson" whip finisher has helped me keep hackle/ packed hair out of the way. leaves one hand free to pull the hackle/hair out of the way, then just give it a few spins and you're done
  15. I really like the blue damsels, I use those for bass, trout, anthing that will take them. the ultimate dry fly !!
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