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  1. I picked decent enough but I am always looking for a way to improve. I think that comes from being an artist way before I started tying flies. I used to step back for 10 minutes at a time and just look at my art work to try and figure out if there was anything else i needed to re-work, add, or take out. I could do the same thing with my flies but I want to go and fish to badly to really take the time to make them look perfect. I was thinking about entering some contests but with a one year old, a wife, a house that constently is destroyed by the tornado I call my son, and work, I just don't know if I will have the time to actually produce something worth sending into a competition. Oh well, I just like catching fish on something that I have tied myself. Nothing better than that In the world of fishing.
  2. All i know is, when I do see something like that in a woman's hair I just want to go over and yank it out and run. Or just take a pair of scissors and cut it out very descreetly. I don't get the whole thing but look at the 80's, nothing fashion wise made any sense for guys or girls. Oh well, it will all come around sooner or later. I guess ebay and stealing them out of people's hair will be our only sources of hackle until then. We could just break into the salons and get them back though. :innocent:
  3. Thanks for adding in the taxidermist idea. I totally forgot about that one and my wife's boss does it on the side. I have a ton of stuff from him. If you don't know a taxidermist call one up. If they won't give the scraps to you they will normally sell them for really cheap. Unless you are tying some huge flies or are doing bulk orders the scraps will last you a long time too. Good tying and tight lines everyone. Zach
  4. I will agree with everything that has been said on this thread! Davie is one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. He makes all of those flies look perfect with almost no effort. Atleast, it seems that way to me. I have learnd so much watchin his videos and every fly that I have tied from watching his videos has caught me fish. On a side note, my wife will allow me to watch those videos in bed with the sound on now while she reads...she likes his accent so much she doesn't mind that it is about fishing. :yahoo: There are two things that I took from that; one, I can watch tying videos before I go to bed, and two, if I am going to talk to here about fishing I need to perfect my scottish accent! Ye' ken? Props to you Davie, keep those videos coming!
  5. First off, hello to everyone. This is my first thread and I have only been here a couple of weeks. Love what I see! Anyways, as my wife and I walked through a craft store the other day I started realizing that you can get some really great stuff for fly tying in them. I ended up going back and spent about 9 dollars. I picked up two lrg ostrich feathers, two peacock eyes with a bit of hurl, a bag of pheasant body feathers, a lrg bag of white saddle hackle and 4 pieces of 12x18 2mil foam. I am all for supporting local fly shops but some of the prices are a little high for me. Just can't swing some things from the shop on my budget. Now another resource that I have used before is the zoo. Most zoo's have a peacock or two along with a host of birds that all molt their feathers. Call them up and ask them if they collect them or if it would be possible for you to collect them. I have gotten a ton of useful feathers from my local zoo, and I can tell you, they were glad to be rid of them. Hope that this helps those with wallets being squeezed, or not squeezed for that matter. Tight Lines, Zach
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