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  1. I was up thee on Sunday and the bite was a little slow by Pelican. I landed one about 26 and my buddy landed one about 28. Lots of people out.
  2. I'm in Sparks but don't get up to Truckee much unfortunately. I'm hopefully going to get a tying night together with a few people if anyone is interested.
  3. Andy would be difficult to get a hold of right now. He's nomading it in the Pacific Northwest trying to relax. I guess Rosie passing on hit him hard. Arlo Townsend, Doug Oulette, Morgan Thalken, Stefan Mcloed and Dan Lecount are a few more great tyers in the Tahoe area. All can be found on Facebook.
  4. The Driftless area in WI could be a good option but not sure of regs in that area. Great for a 4 wt. Go in to the closest fly shop and chat with them for a bit on destinations and see what they say.
  5. J Stockard is good. I also use Casters Fly Shop in NC because of the free shipping. The Fly Shop is another good one.
  6. Sounds like I need some new craft stores around here. The one here is mostly flowers, scrapbooking and painting.
  7. The only craft store around me is a Michaels and they don't have much in stock that I could use for tying materials so I still use mostly online fly shops.
  8. Here's a stone I came up with that is easy to tie and works pretty well around here.
  9. J Stockard and Anglers workshop are good options. I also use The Fly Shop because they are somewhat close to me.
  10. My current bucket list keeps me close to home. I want to head into the wilderness in search of a Paiute Trout. Very rare and only inhabits pretty much one body of water and it's about 3 hours from me.
  11. Nice! I'm planning on getting some ink done but I'm having a difficult time figuring out what I want.
  12. He has been mentioned on one list but Andy Burk has amazing talents tying flies and has a ton of tying videos on YouTube.
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