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  1. I realy like to use chap stick if wax is needed,especialy for the "ratty" looking flies....
  2. O.K...as most of you know i have been asking for good patterns for Oak creek in sedona.... Well we got back tonight..we were there from friday morning until tonight... we stayed at this realy killer little campground called bootlegger in our bus when we got there me and my bro hiked all the way down stream and fished every pool we saw, I was useing a really nice stimulater size 16 not a bite all day, didnt even see ONE fish all day..so we went to the closest liquor store which was also some realy killer little cabins named" DON HOELS" which was about ten minutes from us, I noticed that behind the counter was some tippet,leaders,floatent,etc... so i asked the guy behind the counter"ALLAN"(super cool guy) if he fished..well as it truns out he is a river local pro...knows the hottest spots what to use all the info i needed,And he was cool enough to share every bit of info(like i said cool guy) so armed with new tactics and patterns off i go..he suggested fish a hopper with a bead head dropper , and fish it UPSTREAM in all the pools(that part i already tried) so i did theis over and over through out saturday,I woke at 5.am fished until 1.pm NOT ONE BITE!!!!!! nothing....now granted this is a VERY tough stream,but damn i never go home totaly skunked..so i go back and talk to allan again...he informs me i am going about it the right way, that it is just a tough strem...holy cow that is an understatement..so i got up early sunday as well...still nothing!!!!! so i have come to the conclusion that i am better off fishing for warmwater species.Becuase i suck at coldwater!!!!but i would like to thank allan at "don hoels" for all the help, he was very cool about everything everythime i went in...also i think next time i go to oak creek i will probably stay in those cabins beacuse it was too damn cold for a desert guy like me.....
  3. Nice area...looks pretty sweet...I notice you are a lefthanded tyer? you are the first person i have seen that is a lefty tyer..pretty cool,Do you also cast lefty?
  4. Well I guess no one knows of any patterns that are working on oak creek in sedona no problem i found a few.. But i am also looking for some "TROUT" no brainers..basicly flies that work anywhere anytime for trout?..I know there are a few Oak creek has "stocked farm raised rainbows" and native browns(I have heard some fat ones also) So i am looking for something extra to stock my box with before we go..I have been tying between forty and fifty flies a night getting ready for our trip..I am also going to teach my little bro how to fly fish, I just recently got him into fishing and now i am going to "HOOK" him into real fishing I bought him a decent starter rod and reel combo and am "stocking" a decent little fly box for him as well.. Thanks for the input guys////
  5. i am stoked, finaly cooling down enough that the wife says its camping time again,, going to take the bus to oak creek in sedona about two hours from here..curious if anyone has fished it recently and has any suggestions on patterns methods for this time of year..
  6. I know this is the wrong forum but i didnt know where else to put it... I am haveing trouble with my fly line twisting BADLY when i strip it to cast it twists and tangles, i striped it all let it relax and re wound it and it still did it? It is SA wf 5 f..is it just because it is a cheaper line/...
  7. went out on the boat saturday and did some fishing, although not a fishing boat the bow works well for fly casting...caught a few decent smalls on a craw imatation from a new magazine i tied, and a nice largemouth on a hair frog that i got off of ebay (12 for $10.00 ! ) had a good time actualy only got to fish for about an hour and a half but it was good....
  8. well i figured out th answer for my deer hair flies!!! Just dont try to tie them! I cant do it period, I spin the hair then the thread snaps, I cant hold the clumps of hair with my big fingers.I t is realy frustrateing to me so I am better off buying bass flies, I can tie twenty NICE nymphs before i can tie one peice of sh*t hair bug!!!! I give up which I dont do easily....
  9. hey guys. I have never been very good at the deer hair style flies, but recent bass catch has made me think i should learn?..i am haveing a very hard time getting the flies to look "full" is there any step by step pics any where on how to make hair flies?...any help would be very apreciated,,
  10. Drove the bus down to the lake today @ 10:00 am for some bluegill fishing..I went to a spot I normaly wouldnt hike to in this heat but today something called to me there,So I went.. Walking up to the shore i could see LOTS of top water feeding going on so I tied a little dun spinner on and carefully delivered it right in the middle..The fish all took off spooked? I was pretty bummed for about 1 second until the water EXPLODED where my fly was! My reel stripping VERY fast I knew this was good.Finaly I got the fish close enough to see it was a very sweet largemouth fought him for about 15 minutes(felt like forever) did a quick weigh in tipped in at 4 1/2 pounds! I have no idea why he would eat something so small but he sure did.. This is the biggest largemouth I have caught on a fly yet and probably ever will... the rest of the day was spent picking off 1/2lb to 1 lb bluegills maybe about thirty total(between two of us) most on the small side, but fun none the less..Now I am wondering why I dont go there more often..although I am pretty damn sunburnt it was 115 today with very little cloud cover...
  11. hey guys, I am just curious if anyone knows where there is a site with a step by step on how to use a whip finisher?....For as long as i have tied I have always used a pair of tweezers to under over my tie offs, I have a realy nice whip finisher but dont know how to use it.....Also what is the best head cement..i use wapsi brand right now and am NOT happy with it , its pretty much junk any suggestions? Thanks vic
  12. Hello, I can offer two opinions on this one i think everyone who tries it will LOVE it for deer hair... My first is to offer the best trimming tool ever made,Go to k-mart or wal mart and get one of those $6.00 NOSE hair trimmers.I know it sounds funny but man does it work good, youll get @100 good flies before you will need a sharper blade,It is battery powered and has a fine tip on it about this size" mm " But if you insist on razor blades the reason no one likes th single edge blades as well as the double edge is, The double edge blades are a ".006" blade basicly realy thin and super sharpe..single edge blades are ".010" BUT>> you can get single edge blades in ".005" thickness we use them for leather work, and they work great just go to a local "scrapbooking store" they'll have them...
  13. Little trick i have learned about "no pest strips" they look like pieces of thin cheese, cut a few pieces up and put them into my material storage drawers, never had a problem and dont think i ever will...
  14. O.K... guys....after reading these replies, i felt i needed to "relearn" my dubbing skills...Joe..you are 100% I got two size 16 mustad wet nymph hooks out..cut a "SMALL" amount of biege rabbit belly and LIGHTLY spun some onto my waxed thread(after seperateing dubbing and thining it out) it layed onto my thread perfect, i spun it VERY thin..i just tied the nicest nymph "I" have ever tied with natural fur.., it was cleaner,tighter and far more atractive then my average nypmh!! thanks guys...
  15. thanks for all the replies, Joe i think you might be right on Que.I do tend to make "fat" nymphs suggesting i over dub.I have been using squirrel and rabbit for along time until recently i made a trip out to marriot's in california and bought some of those "10" compartment dubbing dispensers, well one of them is a "crawdub synth mix and i love it, maybe i just need to practice with the furs, do you spin furs on single thread or use a dubbing spinner?
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