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  1. It should be cold enough here in Texas in a couple of months to go after Pickerel. Anyone have any experience with this species and the flies that catch them? - Gary
  2. QUOTE (yakfisher @ Mar 3 2005, 01:33 AM) No, I didn't use a spinnerbait skirt Gary, but thanks for the idea. yakfisher - I tied my variation at the Texas Fly Fishing Show a few years ago and it was amazing to see this "Fly Fishing for Bass" thing click with the hardware chunkers who watched. I can't tell you how many of the conventional tackle folks told me that they never realized you could catch bass on a fly. It was quite gratifying to say the least. This is just how I do it and your mileage may vary. First I lay down a base of thread along the hookshank. I like to cover this with head cement. I don't wait for it to dry before continuing. Next I wrap lead wire around the back half of the shank - maybe a bit forward of the halfway point depending on where the skirt needs to wind up on the shank of the finished fly. I cover the lead wraps with thread as much as possible without building up too much thread over it and coat liberally with Sally's. Again, I don't wait for it to dry before continuing Next, I tie in my hackle feather (*if I use one) directly behind the lead wire and tie in the chenille tip there as well. Leave your thread at the tie in point for the hackle & chenille. Next, push the silicone skirt over the hookeye back to the front of the lead wire. The lead wire will act as a stopping point. I like to twist the skirt a bit to make sure the individual strands of the skirt are evenly distributed around the shank. Work your thread up to the band that is around the silicone skirt and make a few wraps to secure it. I cut the band off at this point and finish wrapping securely where the band was located. Leave your thread hanging here. Next, pull the entire skirt forward over the eye and wrap the chenille up to the thread and tie off. Clip the excess. You can hold the skirt material out of the way with one of those wire ties that come on bread wrappers. Now palmer the hackle (*if used) over the chenille and tie off. Clip the excess. Next work your thread in front of the silicone skirt and make as many wraps as necessary to build up the head of the fly. Whip finish and cover with your favorite head cement. I uses Sally's w/Nylon. After the head dries, paint on eyes if desired. I like to clip the excess skirt material just a bit longer than the overall hook. * Tom Nixon used the palmered hackle primarily to hold the rubber legs away from the body. If you use a silicone spinnerbait skirt in the same manner that they are installed on a spinnerbait, the reversed strands will stand out on their own. I find the hackle to be unecessary when tying this variation. To hackle or not is entirely up to you. - Gary P.S. The variety of color combinations in silicone skirts is vast. If you want to get into it, you can also combine portions of different skirts to come up with your own variations. - g~
  3. yakfisher - Nice job! Did you use a silicone spinnerbait skirt on that one? I have been tying with them for years. Beats the heck out of separating all those rubberleg strands. - Gary
  4. QUOTE (ridderbos3 @ Feb 4 2005, 12:32 PM) looks like a good granny bug hook thats for sure... That's the idea, John. I may have to have them made though, since there is really nothing currently like them on the market. - Gary
  5. Can anyone help me ID this hook? It is similar to a TMC 205BL or a Mustad 37160 except the hookeye isn't in line with the hook point as in those two models. I'm looking for something in the #10 to #18 range. Thanks. - Gary
  6. I am looking for eyes that could be tied in by the same method used for dumbell eyes or beadchain except without the weight. Something along the line of babydoll eyes (wouldn't have to be the ones with moving pupils) with a "shaft" connecting the eyes. Anyone know of such a product? Thanks. - Gary
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