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  1. Could hold a hook, but seemed like a cheap pot metal vise. Light is great, but guess I have too much testoterone (insert grunts here lol). The only problem with norvise at the time was that they'd slip on big fly hooks (which is what most of my customers order here). Luckily, the jaws were corrected. Love the more machined products, and in end will have a bit of everything. LOL. Have the dynaking barracuda for my main vise. Going to buy the junior trekker for my travel vise (is very light and still a machined vise). Awaiting my HMH tube fly vise (I feel it's the best on the market if you want a vise just for tubes, way better then the renzetti). Also will be getting a norvise too. Especially for big orders, this baby truly shines. Plus, never hurts to have too many vises. rolleyes.gif laugh.gif website promotion
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