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  1. When I am casting I am getting very little distance. When I cast my backing goes farther then my leader it just flops beside the line. What am I doing wrong any info or tips would be great. Nate.
  2. I live in Ontario a little town call Bowmanville. I fish the creek and the ganny. Bows are just running up the creek.
  3. Just wondering what you guys are using for bows or trout. I'm looking for a good all around fly any pictures or info would be great. Nate.
  4. Just curious if anyone is using or nows anything about the big horn float tube doesn't look like a bad rig. What are you guys using?? Nate.
  5. Thanx guys for all the info keep it coming. Another question what about sizes I'm 6ft and about 275. And take a size 12 boot. I didn't think about asking about neo or the other style.
  6. I'm new to the fly fishing game I'm looking for a good pair of chest waders around 200 bucks. Any tips or info would be great. What are better the ones with the boots or the ones with out the boots??? Nate.
  7. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has a lake trout fly. The lakers where I fish stay on the surface when the ice goes out. I'm just wondering if anyone has any luck.
  8. I have been useing Sally jensen nail polish lol and testors paint.
  9. When I'm putting on the clear coat for my poppers the spots are running. I'm useing Sally jensen diamond. Anyone know a good fix or tell me what I'm doing wrong?? Thanx Nate.
  10. What would you consider the best book for a new guy starting out.
  11. what kind of netting do you use and where do you get it from. I buy one of those "scrunchies" that women (mostly) use in the shower. They are basically a big ball of netting. The netting is the perfect size for poppers too! Can you only use the netting if ur spraying the paint on??
  12. polar pm your e-mail and I can send u some pics of the ones I've made.
  13. what kind of netting do you use and where do you get it from.
  14. I'm looking for some pics or info on any flies that look like a perch. Thanx Nate.
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