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  1. Tying flies ain't kids business, let me tell you. First you have to choose the right hook to use. You search and search for hours. After you find it, that other fly you have been thinking of takes over. You place the hook in a safe place on your flytying desk, just to lost it later between some piles of dubbing material and pheasant feathers. You start to search another hook for that magnificent fly what came to your mind. You dont quite find the right one, so you take your car and drive to a local flyfishing shop. When the guy working there asks you what you are looking for, you explain him the idea of that magnificent fly, what fish you will catch , and where to fish using it. You end up using your wifes birthday present money for some excellent new larva material, and forget to buy those hooks for the fly. You drive home, and just before you get there you decide to visit travelling agent, who just happens to sell tickets to New Zealand on sale. You buy the tickets and pay them from your wifes christmas present money. When you actually get home, your wife is raging mad spending all that money, you forgot the hooks, it is too late to tie anymore and you find out you cant really make it to New Zealand because you have to go to work the next day. This is how I feel about my tying. :hyst:
  2. Today I did 12 rhyacophila pupas. Very simple ones with wingcases, legs, antennas, hairy thorax and plastic body.
  3. Flying Finn? I usually name my flies after I catch some good fish using it. All my other flies I name very plainly; streamer, pupa, larva, dryfly etc etc.
  4. I still use these cheap vises I have used last 20 years. One lasts maybe 2 years, then you have to change to a new one. Im a living proof that flytying vise doesnt matter. Ofcourse because Im so cheap what comes to vises, my latest one I "borrowed" from a friend.. He had to buy a new one because of this.. :devil: Maybe after they make flytying vise that can really make me a better flytier, Im willing to upgrade.
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