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  1. How about Laurel and Hardy - nice fly regardless of the team name. Kyle
  2. Dave Beautiful workmanship and a beautiful fly. Kyle
  3. Stillwater The cork is from an unremembered bottle of excellent single malt, used to help make the body transitions smoother, and thanks to all of you again for the nice words.
  4. Damian my friend - how are those babies and momma getting along? Long time no talk. Kyle
  5. Steven Have not seen much of your work, but if this is what it is like, you are on the right track. I am not a real fan of larger bodies (Bud), but it appears you are getting the hang of that also. Keep up the good work. Kyle
  6. Bud Are you sure you did not mean "medication"?
  7. All Thanks for the compliments. They mean a lot. Bud, those were not buzzards but there were a couple of days in July and August I thought they may have been. Mark, I will not make the show in Mtn. Home in October, we are closing on a house that week (has a larger garage) hehehe. I am planning on the Sowbug for now. Have fun with the Motley Crue, I have met them and they are very nice ladies. I am also hoping to get to the PNW for one of Chuck's shows this spring. We shall see how it all works out. Kyle
  8. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Mark, you are too kind. I cannot make Somerset this year as my daughter is getting married the following weekend and as much as I would love to be there to see all of you, I probably better do the prudent thing and hang around here for that week and stay out of trouble.
  9. Davie Absolutely gorgeous as usual. Nice to see your exemplary work once again. Kyle
  10. Lee Sorry, but Somerset is out this year. My daughter has decided that she is getting married the following weekend and I will be up to my posterior in honey-do's. Kyle
  11. Nice effort Bud, when you gonna start tying on a real vise and get rid of that red-neck Cajun plastic hook holding contraption you got? Good to see your work again my friend. Kyle
  12. Hey Patrick Heck of a first effort. Wish mine looked that good. Having John as a mentor is not too bad, I can attest to that. He is a growly old sob, but he does know of what he speaks when it comes to Salmon Flies. Keep up the good work and lots of practice. Kyle
  13. OOPS Wrong flies, wrong forum.. These are some Squishy tube flies I have been playing with the past couple of months. The pattern is not mine, rather that of Peter Hyllander from Colorado. It is in the TubeFliesTwo book and I have not had the opportunity to fish them yet, but they do look intriguing. Kyle Hand
  14. I saw a streamer patterns that Paul Rossman had tied in this style and it intrigued me. I had a bunch of my Harvest Gold turkey body feathers laying around and came up with this pattern one afternoon.
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