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  1. Rockworm... A tip of the cap and a Thank You. I have spent hours searching Google only to find a dozen online flyshops that show the sheeting as available, but either it's only in non dun colors or... I order and they cancel the order as unobtainable (3 times now). A call to Feathercraft found clear, mediun dun and dark dun in stock. Still cannot find light dun, the most common mayfly wing color. In the "expand the knowledge of the universe category", I have been told by multiple flyshops swiss straw is not manufactured in any dun shade. Still looking for a suitable substitute for emerger wings in dun colors. Thanks all! RT
  2. Drop the 20 bucks and get access you his tying tutorials on his website. I learned 8 times more than the price over the past year. They are well done. You can always to go back to them and see what he is doing. They are of good quality. I learned a dozen tricks and helpful hints watching them. Just rub your neck and write the check. One fly tying expense that has excellent value. RT
  3. I'm tying emerging CDC flies per patterns described in Henry Ramsay's Eastern Hatches. He calls for Stalcup's Medallion Sheeting for mayfly wings. Impossible to find, appears it is no longer made or orderable. I did find Medallion Sheeting in clear in an Anchorage fly shop. I'm also looking for light, medium and dark dun. Anyone know of a like material I can use instead? I ordered River Road Creations mayfly wing materials. Once here it looks like its standard thin packing foam dyed a speckaled dun color. WAY thicker than Medallion Sheeting. Suggestions?? Thanks!!! RT
  4. I find I get better results using FlexCoat rod wrapping two part coating. Dries very clear, easy to work with and most important doesn't get the wife going due to the smell of the epoxy in the house. Works well. Hope this helps.
  5. Why Thank You Mr. Bull... Potter County in PA is very high on my Bucket List. Kettle, Oswayo, Pine, and Sinnemahoning Creeks look quite inviting.
  6. I’m in the process of tying my “stock” fly boxes for when I retire in a few years. I’m going to buy a nice RV, pontoon watercraft and begin fly fishing America. I’m using as my primary guide Dave Hughes Essential Trout Flies. His writing has served me very well for nearly 30 years. His recommendation is to carry both hair wing and sparkle duns. Given the writing is 11 years old now I’m curious as to whether popular opinion has shifted from compardun hair to CDC for still water dun mayflies. While he devotes the usual two pages to CDC flies, his essential fly box lists none. I suppose I could tie both, fish and make up my own mind, but I would be interested in hearing what has been the experience of those who may have perhaps have fished both and have an opinion. Any comments or experiences would be most appreciated. Thank you!
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