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  1. to really help the buggy effect get the hook side of some Velcro and stick it to a Popsicle stick, after you spin the loop brush it out a little before you palmer it on it comes out great
  2. whats next doritos for bass and funions for crappie,good idea nice fly
  3. thanks for all the tips they defiantly help some of my patterns will be up soon
  4. I have one of those its called the helping hands it comes in handy for working with small stuff like models and whatnot. but not very good for holding a hook
  5. i got the Montanan Mongoose vice and it came with the ceramic griffin bobbin, best one I've ever used.
  6. fly360

    Fish Pictures

    couple bass and a nice pickerel
  7. I can tie my deer hair pretty evenly and packed pretty tightly but when it comes to trimming i just cant get that perfect diver shape. I watched a video of some old tyer that steamed his hair bugs before he trimmed them, i just recently found the old style razor blades, Wilkinson swords, the super thin flexible ones. those two steps greatly helped but i wanted to ask on here, see if anyone has and pointers? Thanks, T.J.
  8. Craigs list there are always desks in good shape in the free section, at least in the central jersey area where I'm from. Good Luck
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