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  1. i've used EP, but never for heads. thanks for the videos, i'll take a look. I've never had a problem with wool heads though. been tying and fishing them 5-6 years now.
  2. Good looking fly, UGLY looking head. I would rework the head on this fly. I would probably tie mine with rams wool. give it a better shape, and a better finished look. will it fish better- maybe, maybe not- but it seems like a better option on this flies body.
  3. I don't understand the comment that Veevus thread is garbage. It is a great thread, but there is a learning curve with everything in fly tying. I went through a progression, initially i liked uni and danville. Now I can't tie with Uni, I like Euro Threads, Veevus, UTC 70, gudebrod, bennechi, etc. i like the marc petijean thread as well.
  4. it would be just fine. you could also use utc 70, georgia bennechi sp*, or even 17/o trico thread.
  5. tie them on a barbless hook next time, and they are near perfect for me
  6. with that said, you can't know all of the techniques, materials, etc so the flies you create won't be as good as if you had put more time into the classics or the established patterns and techniques.
  7. I'd like to join this if you will have me. I'm going on my 3rd year this holiday season. It has been a wild ride to say the least. I've been debating on which fly to tie, I had 4 in mind. First was a dry fly bwo parachute with cdc hackle. the 2nd was a prince john, a combination of a prince nymph and copper john. the third was a wet fly i came up with. the 4th was loren williams' Baron. I'll be tying Loren's Baron. It was my most effective fly this year by far. are we tying one per person?
  8. I am a Jvice owner. I own many accessories, but I don't currently own that. I will in the next few weeks. I can't comment on whether or not THAT accessory is specifically different, but all of his other ones ARE. They are all quality and usually exceed any expectations.
  9. wow- um, that is an odd looking hook, different than any I've seen to date. It looks realllllly small too with the shank being no longer then the hook bend and point. I am not basing this off of anything but as a guess, i would say a 24-30? the proportions have me scratching my head.
  10. ^ Exactly what that man has said. I have yet to have hackle come undone tying it in that manner.
  11. i'll take a half dozen in two sizes! very nice- i haven't tried tying a stimi yet.
  12. steelhead- no, for that one fly i just wanted the longer hook. 6xl is fine for those. pm me a price
  13. that is a good idea, and i would definitely entertain that
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