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  1. Hey guys, Has anyone tied one of these guys before, I like them alot just not willing to pay the 7$ for 1 and can not for the life of me find a how to anywhere. heres the pic and another
  2. Hey all some observation after tyin up 12 or so that if you do a V wrap with the material instead of a High Low approach (which is what i did in the one posted) it is much easier not only to tie up, but trimming and IMO overall shape is better. just my .02 GL have fun tying!
  3. REALLY easy, have any questions I'll give ya my input, as I said, just started tying these guys so not tons of experiance but I'll get ya some pointers. Next on the list is same thing, just different colors, something a bit darker I think.
  4. what i have been tying up lately, having fun doing it. hook size 2/0 overall length about 3.5"
  5. was taken out here in NC....actually havent gotten around to it, other things popped up, but eventually ill get around to it.
  6. sweet thanks guys, appreciate the insight, well looks like i know what im gonna be doing this weekend...
  7. hey all was wondering if you could do a DIY deer hair from the body like you would do for bucktails. reason i ask is i got a deer in the freezer that i wasnt sure if i was going to mount, skullcap, or european mount with, decided to do a european mount, but i got bettr than half of the hide left over if i do. figured i could salvage if its possible.
  8. Oceanfront property in Missouri :j_k: its gonna be freshwater lake of the ozarks and a few local "lakes" around the county, (read very large pond)
  9. sweet, glad to hear im gettin something right, after the week i had lol (work killin me) now with a better "version" to base it off of gonna whip up another doz or so since the first ones ill be shipping out to dad to do some "feild testing" with
  10. ok based off feedback, heres version 2.0 used the upper 1/2 of the tail to get a less flared look. also did 3 wraps spaced appart to slim out the "belly" it. dont know if you can see the thread as its white on white, but its all the same previous mats.
  11. JS - Thanks for the criticism, what i was looking for, hi lited in red what i tried doin a bit different, tied one up but misplaced the memory card so pic will be attached later when i find it. think i got it right now anyone else, feel free to add!
  12. Here is whats been in my vice today, tied up a doz 3 each color...criticism welcome, first time tying these guys, never fished em before either. size 1 unknown make hooks, bought a 20 pack doesnt say what make/model on the bag. 1/30 oz med dumbell eyes unpainted silver. (tried painting a few myself, didnt like the way they turned out so left the rest normal) ok got red/white bucktail with rootbeer krystal flash. white/white bucktail rootbeer krystal flash. blue SF flash blend/white bucktail with "black" (looks more silver on individual strands but bunched together its black) flash. and brown/white bucktail with the rootbeer krystal flash. SH nail for head cement.
  13. thanks for the clarification....helped a lot!
  14. Ok guys, really drawing a blank on this one... This weekend I decided to start tying a fly I have never fished or tied before (clousers, turned out great I'll get some pics later) but a friend asked me what is the "difference" between a clouser minnow and lefty's deciever...obviously theres deciever hackles tied in, but is there any other difference? havent tied any decievers either. Doesn't help much that he asked after working 76+ hours in 5 days...so my brain is pretty much fried at this point. :wallbash: Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey guys, Thanks for all the info, I did plan on hittin up a few shops while i was there but wanted to tie up a few to bring with. excellent info again thanks!!!
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