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  1. here's another view of the waste tray/pipe, including the mysterious tweezers. :dunno:
  2. Andy, What is that thing behind your vise-looks like a pair of tweezers mounted on a swivel base? Dave hey Dave, its not my desk but the devise looks to be a fly holder, possibly for photos. I found that desk searching for Lefty Kreh's desk, who has a similar waste setup. Andy
  3. here is one that I need for my desk. Looks easy to do, just need some pipe and misc wood.
  4. like you, I also have good results with red and yellow. Shad arent feeding in the rivers, so the goal is a reaction strike. The brighter the better. I get them in Easton and north up to Portland. Not there this year, just moved so I will miss the shad run. Have fun. Also, what kind of flash are you using. Seems very bright.
  5. great sand eel, the bass will gulp that right up.
  6. yep, but its been tough finding weakfish around. for me at least.
  7. Hey Don! Snappers. great fishing for them with the kids.
  8. Thanks guys! I am on the beaches of Lavalette, South Seaside, IBSP, and LBI. Maybe I will see you around.
  9. looks the same as the cf sbs Carolina Fly has posted, but add some goop and glitter. good stuff, you're on a roll.
  10. Also, those copics aren't cheap. Got a small set at Michaels, make sure to use a 50% off coupon. Use google to find one. Any fading or washing out in the water?
  11. you're the man Thomas. thanks for sharing that.
  12. haha, same situation here. I have to tie in the middle of the night if I want to get a bunch done.
  13. yep those are very nice Thomas. Is that one hollow tie? and are you using mono?
  14. hi everyone, just joined this great forum. found it searching patterns with craft fur, my new thing, love that firetiger baitfish. I've been tying a little for a few years, mostly deceivers, sand eel flys, surf candies, and teasers. I fish the surf for striped bass, but catch other species too.
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