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  1. FishDragon, that lime-green hot spot makes that fly! Great looking caddis.
  2. The Diawl Bach as found on the fly fish Ohio website.
  3. Green glass-bead head nymph
  4. C LeBo, I would love to see a step-by-step on that fly! It looks fantastic.
  5. Fantastic memory...brought back my own memories of cooking down various "liquids" on my boy scout stove. And of soldering. I think I used every one of my father's resistors soldering up a "Christmas Tree" one year. Back when kids (10 years old) were allowed to use hot soldering irons with no supervision. (edited because I left out a word or two)
  6. Nice flymph and fantastic photo.
  7. If you would like additions to your posts put into a different thread, just let me know. 3/12/2012 - Owego Creek - Upstate NY, near the PA border. Air temp 64 degrees (warm spell!!), water temp 45 degrees. Tons of stone flies on the water and in the air. Not many hold-over fish (creek is stocked yearly) but did spy a couple of rises in the slow pools.
  8. Tempting, very tempting. I don't shy away from difficult-to-access areas since I started fishing the upper reaches of the West Canada Creek and it's tribs many years ago. Certainly not "dangerous" terrain, but quiet and far enough away from others. The Neversink Gorge sounds like an inviting challenge. Thanks for the information.
  9. Nice looking fly, Matt B. I'm a big fan of flies that can be used for a variety of species and waters...some days it's creek fishing, some days it's pond or lake fishing.
  10. Lots of flash on that fly, I bet it works great. Have you been fishing much this winter? I live not far from the Catskills and what a warm winter it has been! I can't wait to get down your way to hit the Beaverkill in the spring.
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