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  1. All the flies were awesome- good job to everyone who made it to the second round. I do have to say that one I voted for was hands down the best fly I've ever seen. I printed it off in color and I have it hanging in my office now- in a frame.
  2. Excellent job to all. I was very impressed and it it was TOUGH to decide on just one. WOW!
  3. Okay, I just wanted to fill you guys in on a little glitch that I took advantage of yesterday. I've been looking for a nice fast action rod for the past few months and decided that a TFO TiCr X was exactly what I was looking for. I live about an hour from the main Bass Pro store here in Missouri, so I looked on-line for their prices. The TiCr X 6wt sells for $249.00. A nice reel (their top line) Bass Pro makes, the 270, sells for about $190.00. Add that up and you get $440.00. Well... I went to the "combo" section of their web site and found the EXACT combination listed for- are you ready? $227.00!!! I printed this out and took it to the store where I was told that it was a mistake. I promptly went to customer service and asked if they would honor their advertisement- and they did. If ANY of you are looking for a nice 6wt for bigger fish and want a top quality reel... I suggest you go to this link http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.Tex...arTarget=browse You can see the price listed for $227.00. After I bought the combo, the sales guy IMMEDIATLY went back in the office and ordered the same deal. The TiCr X has gotten EXCELLENT reviews as a rod that fishes like an $800 Sage. The 270 reel is WICKED light for a LA and it feels NICE with a very smooth and reliable drag system. All in all, if you have a little extra X-Mas cash and you want a WICKED good deal- go to the link I posted above and have at it before Bass Pro changes the price.
  4. WPaoli

    Branson Missouri

    I heard about that record trout the other day. I keep reading about the monsters that are being caught out there so I figured it's time to take a 2 hour drive. I just don't know where I'm going once I get there. I have NO idea where the dam is, I don't know where to park so I can walk to the water, and I have NO clue where to fish. That's why I'm making it it a two day trip. Thursday to figure everything out- Friday to do some serious fishing. If you have any advice and information for me, now would be a good time to share it :help:
  5. Hola! Hey, I'm heading down to Branson Missouri next week for a couple of days. Have any of you guys been there- or better yet, live around the area? It's supposed to be one of the top 10 trout fishing spots in the country. About this time the brown trout are moving to the shallow water to spawn- with the average brown weighing in at 5lbs, and 10 pounders are a common catch. In any case, I'm looking for some information on the lake and the dam- I already have a place to stay, just need some good fly fishing advice that I can't find by doing an internet search.
  6. Hey, thanks for the welcome!
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WPaoli: Disco
  8. Thanks, Bud. I took another picture... I don't have the right materials to really get going. Right now I'm working on the body and setting wings. This was the first one that sort of resembled a real salmon fly.
  9. It's starting to come together. This time I got the stuff to look good, but I tied it too short and messed up the head. The next one should be better! Thanks for all your help, guys.
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WPaoli: Amsterdam
  11. Okay, this is my THIRD attempt at this kind of tie. Yes, I bought a book :headbang: , "Building Classic Salmon Flies" by Ron Alcott. I didn't really try to be discliplined on this tie- I just wanted to get it together and it turned out pretty nice (just look at my last flies- YUCK!) In any case, I'm moving along and I hope those of you that remember my last crap fly can give me some more feedback on this crap fly. Regards, Will
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WPaoli: Bubblegum
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