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  1. I am not in for sure but would like to show up if I have nothing going on. I might just come down for the festivities because I have a place to stay on the little river and we have been fishin the big river lately.
  2. I'm game...haven't fished with many of you since the last outing.
  3. Only a few more days til the first race. Don't want to fall behind. make sure to pick your drivers!
  4. stelmon there, stel here
  5. Can't believe the season is already around the corner. Seemed like it just ended a week ago or something. Here's the deal: Go to yahoo and sign up for a nascar name. All I ask it put a the intitials of the website your joining from because I am going to involve several forums. The more the merriar. After that, go here: http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto...ister/joingroup Put in join private group and enter the info below. Hopefully we will have a good turn out this year and more participation throughout the year.. Group ID# 19569 Group Name Nascar Sportsman Group Password hunting
  6. This thread has been more then comical. Wish I could have made it. Hope everyone had a good time. Sorry to hear about the van QUOTE (you know they are still having fun! ) I could just imagine, lol QUOTE I must also add I earned a PHD in Proctology. I snagged the same fish 3 different times in the a$$. What’s that Leaky.... When in doubt set the HOOK ! LMAO
  7. stel

    It's Snowing!

    We got hit last night but we also had the northern lights going to
  8. stel

    Happy Birthday, Sherman

    Happy Birthday, Marty! Hope you get in some fishin.
  9. stel

    Finally going fishing!

    If were talking about the river x up near me I might be around. I can't commit to anything though because my dad will be up here but I will keep an eye out for ya if we get down there.
  10. stel

    TrailBlazer EXT

    My mom has one and "we" love it. It's not all that great for vacation with more then 5 people but it does the job. We miss our van though . We also pulled our 17 ft boat and 12 foot pop up and it's very nice ride and you barely know your trailoring anything. BTW, this is the ext. We have had it off the road several times and it handles nice but I would have to go with the smaller one. Also, it's not bad for a weekend getaway if you plan on staying in one. I borrowed my parents and stay in it for almost a week and really enjoyed it. I would have bought one myself but I needed something with a little more ground clearance and not such a huge gas tank. Of coarse with being in college and going back and fourth with stuff I sort of wish I could have got the smalller trailblazer. Oh, and like shoe said, the ride is AWSOME. You think your doing 45 but your really doing 55 sometimes Gotta watch that!
  11. I have been wanting to hit oscoda around this time for the last several years. I was hoping to bring some friends to the baldwin outing along but that doesn't look like it will be happening. Plus, I have some friends out there that I will probably be meeting up along with my pops. If any changes happen I will come down for a day but will probably head back up the same day. I'll be in that run I like alot for sure and probably all day. Hey johnny, give me a call tomarrow! I have a question for ya.
  12. I will be heading to oscoda this weekend to fish off the pier heads. I guess good numbers of fish are over there so I am going to try my hand at some silver torpedoes before they head up river. I'll probably hit the PM sometime in october.
  13. Even though the fishing is nothing like it was a few years ago, so I have been told, I would still have to say oscoda. This is the place where I basically started fishing for about every fall, winter, and spring run fish. To me there is nothing better then casting into the dark with a little cleo.
  14. Still don't know whats going on with me because I really want to lay the smack down on some pier kings but if I can get a certain someone and a friend to come, pier kings would def. be ruled out and I would come camping instead at ivans
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